Overcome OCD

Listening to our subliminal messaging album could help you overcome your obsessive compulsive disorder and bring your life back to normality.

Overcome OCD CD Album Cover
  • Do you find that your obsessive compulsive disorder takes over your life?
  • Do you have difficulty overcoming your OCD?
  • Do you worry that your OCD will stop you living a normal life?
  • Do you want to overcome your OCD and start to experience life to the full again?

Obsessive compulsive disorder is experienced in many degrees of severity by countless people across the world. It can be a difficult situation to manage, as it is almost purely psychological and tends not be affected by the environment around you. If OCD is ignored, it has a great potential to get worse and out of hand, especially in situations involving hoarding, obsessive cleaning and washing and constant doubting of oneself.

Subliminal messaging can aid you with gaining the power to overcome your obsessive compulsive disorder and begin to live a normal life once again.

Imagine your life without the constant worry that OCD causes you to have – you may not feel that you have to constantly wash and decontaminate everything all the time or that you don’t have to keep checking that you have switched appliances off and locked the door. You may feel that you can begin to part with some of your possessions and stop hoarding or you may find that you can stop putting objects and areas of your life into categories and reduce your obsession with certain numbers and patterns.

Just imagine what life could be like if you could stop worrying, what it would be like without the obsession, the stress, the constant obsessive thoughts and need to do things a certain way. You will have much more control over your own mind and much more freedom!

Ultimately this subliminal session will make you aware of your obsessions, put you back in control of your mind and it will make you think logically about your OCD. But it goes beyond this, you already know that logically you shouldn't need to do these things but our subliminal messages instil this within you on a subconscious level. So not only do you know that you don't need to do these things, but that you actually stop feeling the need to, so that you can overcome your OCD and stay free from OCD for life!

Overcoming your obsessive compulsive disorder can be a difficult task to achieve with willpower and conscious action alone, this is why our subliminal audio can help so effectively - it penetrates deep into your subconscious mind to the source of your OCD and will help you to overcome it from the inside out. Depending on what type of OCD you have it can have different effects; the main types are specifically targeted. It works by:

  • Mainly working to help you to take control of your mind generally; to recognize your obsessions and to look at them in a different way so that you can stop, take control of your obsessions and eliminate them.
  • Subliminally targeting your mind to allow you to prioritize effectively. It causes you to realize that there is much more to life than whatever it is you obsess over. It can allow you to begin putting your loved ones before your OCD.
  • Allow you to realize that you do not have to constantly wash to get rid of germs on a subconscious level. Our subliminal messages can help you understand that you are clean enough after washing once and that germs will not kill you if you have them on your body.
  • Reprogram your mind so you can efficiently remember if appliances are turned off and whether the doors to your house are locked or not. Our subliminal audio can rid you of the doubt in your mind that causes you to think that you have forgotten to lock things or turn them off.
  • Stop arranging objects or parts of your life into certain orders. You are able to target your mind to start using these organizational skills for something useful, such as being tidy or furthering your career with your organization.
  • Recognise that numbers, symmetry and patterns are not required in your life, in as much detail as you are used to. Our subliminal mp3s can allow you to realize when the obsession with numbers and order is getting out of hand and can allow you to stop relying on it and turn your life back to normality.

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Take control of your life once more and allow our overcome OCD subliminal messaging album to help you triumph over your obsessive compulsive disorder once and for all!

Script Used in Overcome OCD Subliminal Recording

  • I am free from OCD
  • I have complete control over my mind
  • I have control over my obsessions
  • I can prioritize over my OCD
  • OCD does not control my life
  • I am in control of my life
  • There is more to life than my OCD
  • I do not need to wash constantly
  • Germs will not harm me simply by being on me
  • I can remember if I have turned off appliances
  • I realize that it shouldn’t usually matter if I have left on an appliance
  • I can remember if I have locked the door
  • My organization skills can be used efficiently
  • I do not need to place objects in certain orders
  • I will not let my OCD rule me
  • I do not need to have a favorite number
  • Odd or even numbers will not affect my day to day habits
  • Symmetry no longer matters in my life