Asthma Treatment

Use our subliminal audio to help relieve your asthma and begin to breathe easily once again!

Asthma Treatment CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from shortness of breath regularly?
  • Do you find that you become wheezy and tight chested?
  • Do you suffer from asthma attacks after exercise or exposure to allergens?
  • Is your asthma having a negative impact on your quality of life?
  • Do you want to overcome your asthma with the help of subliminal messaging?

Asthma, if untreated can really take over your life, it can limit you in so many ways, specifically limiting your ability to lead an active lifestyle and take part in sports. If you find that you are sick of your asthma controlling your life or that it is slowly getting worse, then look no further than our subliminal mp3s.

They can help relieve your asthma and help you to naturally overcome your asthma over the long term and improve your health. This album works by penetrating into your mind, helping you to take control of your mind and your asthma symptoms and responses.

Imagine your life without asthma – there would no constant fear of an asthma attack, there would be no limit on how much exercise you could do, you could begin to enjoy a much more normal life and you would be able to stop the feelings of being tight chested and having difficulty breathing. This really is possible and you really can get relief and improve, with the help of subliminal audio.

Using our asthma treatment subliminal messaging album can have many positive effects on your subconscious mind and your body. This album works in several ways to:

  • Subliminally stimulate the beta 2 receptors in your lungs. These allow the bronchioles, which are some of the tubes within your lungs, to dilate and allow more air to pass through. This will alleviate the feelings of being tight chested and breathlessness.
  • Target your brain to produce more mediators such as nitric oxide and cyclic AMP. Nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter that specifically targets NANC receptors in the lungs to increase dilation of the bronchioles. Cyclic AMP works with beta 2 receptors to increase bronchodilation also.
  • Subliminally reprogram your mind to become less anxious about having asthma attacks. This albums contains subliminal stress relief affirmations. The more worried you become about asthma attacks, the more likely you are to have one as they are linked to stress. Once this worry and fear is removed you will notice a real reduction in the frequency and severity of your asthma attacks.
  • Help you to become calmer and controlled when an asthma attack does occur. Panicking only tends to make the situation worse. Our subliminal albums can allow you to think more rationally, so the right course of action can be taken and so that your asthma attacks are less severe.
  • Gain more motivation to carry out breathing exercises given to you by a doctor or physiotherapist, designed to improve the symptoms of your asthma and allow you to reduce the need for some medications. If you stick with your breathing exercises then you will notice an improvement!

Disclaimer: Please do not use this album instead of or against medical advice. It is a simple tool which really can help you and help reduce your asthma and symptoms, but it should never be used in place of in-person medical advice.

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Stop needlessly suffering from the symptoms of asthma and transform your life for the better with our asthma treatment subliminal messaging CD.

Script Used in Asthma Treatment Subliminal Recording

  • I am free from asthma
  • I breathe naturally and clearly, free from asthma
  • I can overcome my asthma
  • Asthma will not hold me back any longer
  • I am free from breathlessness
  • My chest is loose and free and relaxed
  • My beta 2 receptors are active
  • My body is producing a lot of nitric oxides
  • My body is producing cyclic AMP
  • I feel fine after exercise
  • I am overcoming asthma with the power of my mind
  • I am not worried about asthma attacks
  • I feel calm when I have an asthma attack
  • I enjoy practicing my breathing exercises
  • I feel motivated to practice my breathing exercises