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What are audio subliminal messages?

Subliminal Messaging is a technique by which a message is moved beyond your conscious level of hearing. However, the message still gets registered on an unconscious level by your subconscious mind. In this way changes to your habits, self-beliefs, behavior, and much more can be made from the inside out; without your logical, conscious mind getting in the way.

Is it completely effortless?

Subliminal audio basically acts as an aid and will give you a boost towards goals you are consciously pursuing, rather than doing all the work for you.

Subliminal messaging will not work for you if you just want an instant fix to your problems without having to put in any effort yourself. However, if you are driven to succeed and want to do everything you possibly can to ensure your success, then subliminal messages will effortlessly enhance your ability to achieve your goals and help you reach them quicker and more easily.

Is there any scientific evidence?

Yes, we have a whole page dedicated to this - please view our subliminal research page.

What will I actually hear?

The first 3 tracks on each album are relaxing ocean, rainfall or nature sounds. The 4th track is completely silent.

You will not hear any voices or a guided hypnosis, all the messages and subliminal suggestions are inaudible to the human ear.

What makes Real Subliminal CDs / MP3s different from other subliminal products?

Professional Creation

Sadly, a lot of subliminal products are created by amateurs - often at home, on substandard recording equipment and are passed off as the real thing. We are the market leaders in subliminal messaging and pride ourselves on being a reputable and trustworthy business. With over 9 years history online and experience beyond this in making subliminal audio, we love our business and take great pride in our work. We use quality recording software and equipment, in studio conditions to ensure a product of the highest caliber.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No one else offers a guarantee as strong as ours. If you are dissatisfied with any of our albums for any reason, you can get your money back - simply email us and we will send your money back instantly - no questions asked! We want our albums to work for you and to transform your life and if they do not, we will refund your investment.

Are Results Permanent?

Yes. You are essentially making changes to your belief systems and patterns of thinking. Just as you would change with a method like hypnosis, you will also experience a lasting result with subliminal messages - once a change has occurred within your mind it will stay like this and you can move on to another area of development. There is no set time frame for lasting change, everyone is different and some see results quickly, while others take a little longer to experience changes.

Generally, you will see an improvement within a couple of weeks and then these changes will continue to build and produce a permanent change in your mind.

Do I need to speak English?

All our albums are recorded in English, so we recommend that you have at least a conversational level of English to get the full benefit from the albums. An easy way to check this is to go to the product page for the album you are interested in, if you can understand the script and it makes sense to you then you will be able to benefit from the album.