Stop Nail Biting

Stop nail biting - end your habit with the help our mind reprogramming subliminal mp3 album.

Stop Nail Biting CD Album Cover
  • Do you bite your fingernails regularly? Have you had this bad habit for a long time?
  • Do your nails look horrible?
  • Do you bite the skin around the nail?
  • Do you worry you look stupid with your fingers in your mouth?

If you do not take action nail biting can easily become an obsessive compulsive disorder. Nail biting can however, be stopped at any stage as essentially it is simply a negative behavior set which has formed as a familiar bad habit over time. You can easily reprogram your mind to remove bad habits; our subliminal mp3 album will target your unconscious mind to stop nail biting, by rewiring this negative behavior pattern. Here is how it will help:

  • Subliminally create a strong will to stop biting your nails; make your mind and body 100% committed to achieving this goal.
  • Become aware of exactly when you are biting your nails to stop you doing it unconsciously.
  • Start to think positively about your future self with nice hands and fingers, when you have fully stopped nail biting.
  • End the psychological 'need' to bite your nails due to familiarity with the habit.
  • Learn to relax under stress without having to bite your nails.
  • End nail biting habits that you have had for years!

When we bite our nails other people unconsciously associate this with childlike behavior. Your nail biting may be holding you back in life more than you realize. Do you really want to appear childlike or have nasty looking fingernails forever?

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Well do something about it, use our natural nail biting subliminal mp3 album to end this bad habit now!

Script Used in Stop Nail Biting Subliminal Recording

  • I am always aware of my nail biting
  • I am aware of my nail biting at all times
  • I love my hands
  • I love my fingers and nails
  • I take a lot of care of my fingernails
  • My nails are clean and healthy
  • I have healthy, long fingernails
  • I am calm under pressure
  • I control my impulses
  • I am in complete control of my mind and body