Resolve Your Inner Conflict

Resolve your inner conflict to become more productive and get the most out of life with our powerful subliminal mp3 album!

Resolve Your Inner Conflict CD Album Cover
  • Do you like the idea of putting in extra work or doing some extra studying, but another part of you always wins and you end doing something easier, but unproductive?
  • Does one part of you have a strong desire to exercise, but the other part wants to stay in bed or just relax at home?
  • Perhaps you really want to stick to your diet, but another part of you has an intense craving for chocolate or "junk food"?
  • Perhaps you want to stay faithful to your partner, but another side of you takes over when an opportunity arises?
  • Do you get frustrated sometimes when you don't know what is the right path to take?

Some psychologists and self-help experts have labelled inner conflict as "the trap to success". Just imagine how much more you would get done and achieve if you did not have this inner conflict - especially as the lazy or "dark" side of you seems to win the debate more often than not!

Your internal conflicts are stopping you from getting the most out of life and being successful, but this does not have to be the case! Our subliminal mp3 album has been designed to target your subconscious mind to help you recognize and resolve these conflicts. Here's how it will help:

  • Reprogram yourself not to debate everything within yourself, simply evaluate both sides of the argument, weigh the 'pros and cons' and choose the best possible solution!
  • Increase your drive, motivation and ambition to choose the path you know will be best, even if it is difficult.
  • Increase your level of discipline to make a decision and stick to it - even if it is hard work
  • Stop making excuses and procrastinating and delaying on things you know will be good for you.
  • Stop living in 'limbo' making several plans but doing nothing, always debating with yourself and wandering through life without proper focus or a solid plan! Develop focus, become more active and get the things done you have been wanting to do for ages!

If you are struggling to decide whether to buy this album or not, then you are probably the type of person who needs it most!

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Increase the quality of your life and rid yourself of inner conflict with the aid of this subliminal mp3 album!

Script Used in Resolve Your Inner Conflict Subliminal Recording

  • I evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of any plans quickly
  • I quickly decide upon the best alternative
  • I naturally choose the best solution
  • I always make a quick educated decision
  • I choose the best way forward, even if it is difficult
  • I evaluate both sides of any argument quickly and fairly
  • I always act quickly
  • I always take immediate action
  • Once I make a decision I stick to it
  • I have the discipline to see out my plans
  • I always see my plans to completion
  • I always act to my best long term interests