Anger Management

Control your anger and live your life happier and anger free with our life changing subliminal mp3 album!

Anger Management CD Album Cover

Anger is often a normal human response for all of us, however, if you are reading this page then perhaps you get angry more often? Your anger could be a problem, see if you can identify yourself in the following circumstances:

  • Do you have the tendency to get angry about a range of different things? Even small issues?
  • Do you bottle up your feelings and emotions, then eventually just EXPLODE?
  • Do you often shout and get angry at friends, family and loved ones?
  • Do you suffer from uncontrollable road rage?
  • Do you ever get angry at work; experiencing anger in dealing with difficult customers?
  • Do you want to remain calm and composed even when something / someone irritates you?

Perhaps you feel that you can't change? That you have reached a dead end? Or you just don't know where to turn? Don't give up; you do not have to live the rest of your life like this! If you can relate to any of the above scenarios, then you can use the power of this subliminal anger management soundtrack to resolve these problems and negative anger issues in your life. Here's how this album will help you:

  • Reprogram yourself to manage your anger using this life changing subliminal audio album featuring powerful NLP and subliminal positive affirmations.
  • Subliminally learn how to control sudden anger when you are put in a situation where you would normally get angry.
  • Develop inbuilt anger control techniques to balance your mind and learn to control your emotions.
  • Lift your mental state - remove the negativity and bad thoughts and let in positive thoughts and emotions that will lead to your development.
  • Calm your road rage by reprogramming yourself not to react to every small issue.
  • Train your mind not to react negatively to your external environment.

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Do you really want to live like this forever? How many more friends and family members will you alienate before you change your behavior?

Develop healthier relationships with your friends, family and loved ones starting TODAY; get rid of the negative emotions and anger you carry around with you daily with this subliminal mp3.

Script Used in Anger Management Subliminal Recording

  • I am in control
  • I always keep full control of my emotions
  • I am calm
  • I can relax and calm myself at will
  • I have a high level of self-control
  • I channel my emotions productively
  • I control my emotions
  • My self-control increases every day
  • I am increasing my self-control
  • I put a lot of effort into controlling my emotions
  • I laugh at negative situations
  • I see the positive in everything
  • I only allow positive emotions
  • I only think positively