Become More Assertive

Learn how to become more assertive; to get what you want and achieve your goals without being overly aggressive with this powerful subliminal mp3 album!

Become More Assertive CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to be more assertive in social situations or at work?
  • Do you often step back while more assertive people take control?
  • Do you struggle to be assertive or even feel impolite / rude when you act assertively?

You are not alone, it is likely you have been raised well - to respect other people, be polite, wait your turn and don't be rude. Modern society conditions you to fit in from an early age and tells you not to be aggressive, too loud or self-centered. These values are fantastic and do not need to interfere with you becoming more assertive. You can be both assertive and polite, as well as all the traits mentioned above.

Many people are afraid or feel uncomfortable becoming more assertive. It feels unnatural, doesn't it! Especially if you have always been easy going / passive! Assertive behavior does not have to be aggressive, in fact, it SHOULD NOT be aggressive. Assertive behavior is about being confident in yourself, knowing your self-value and your rights and speaking your opinion.

Anyone can learn to become more assertive and that is the function of this subliminal mp3 album. It will target your unconscious mind to remove negative associations about assertive behavior and replace them with positive thoughts to train you how to become more assertive. This album will:

  • Rewire your mind to believe that you can and you WILL become more assertive.
  • Change your perspective of assertive behavior - start to see it as a normal, confident, outgoing way of living life.
  • Feel confident to tell someone to do something for you.
  • Feel free to express your opinions, feelings, thoughts, values and desires.
  • Ensure you stand up for yourself when your feelings, thoughts, desires and values are compromised.

Assertiveness is an important skill in many areas of life: to get the job you want, to stand up for yourself in social situations, to avoid being bullied, it is an essential quality in successful salesmenand much more! Start getting noticed, stop being walked all over by becoming more assertive!

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If you do not make a personal change and effort to become more assertive, how many more opportunities in life will it cost you? Take the first step to become more assertive today by buying this subliminal mp3 and take control of your future!

Script Used in Becoming More Assertive Subliminal Recording

  • I am assertive
  • I always stand up for myself
  • I am outgoing at all times
  • I am assertive in everything I do
  • People listen to me when I talk
  • I am confident to ask people to do things for me
  • It is my right to speak out for myself
  • I consider my needs first
  • I am direct and honest
  • I openly express my thoughts and feelings
  • I always stand behind my basic rights
  • I have strong values and live by them at all times
  • I express myself freely at all times