Control Your Emotions

Gain control of your emotions and start to gain power over how you feel and how you live your life with our subliminal audio messages!

Control Your Emotions CD Album Cover
  • Do you ever feel as though you get too emotionally involved?
  • Do you wish you could develop more inner strength?
  • Do you find it hard to stay centered and balanced in difficult situations?
  • Do you want to take control of your emotions once and for all?

Especially when you feel your life can be very turbulent at times, it can be extremely difficult to control your emotions. Emotional control requires a lot of inner strength and willpower and can be a tricky skill to acquire. However, for some people, emotional control can be beyond their reach and they may feel that they will never quite have full control over their feelings. If this applies to you, our subliminal audio could be the perfect tool to help you gain control. It works by penetrating into your subconscious mind with positive affirmations specifically designed to help you gain control of your emotions.

Imagine how different you would feel on a day to day basis,if you were to gain control of your emotions. It would become so much easier to deal with difficult situations in your life, you would feel as though you had so much more inner strength and could overcome anything, you would be able to easily stay calm even in the most emotional circumstances and you would feel so much more in control of your life and have your emotions work for you rather than against you!

Using our subliminal messaging audio to help you control your emotions specifically works by:

  • Making you more aware of your emotional triggers. There will be certain situations and life circumstances which set your emotions off - you will start to be more and more aware of these and find yourself naturally staying away from negative people and situations and simply avoiding things which set your emotions off without giving you any benefit.
  • Making you aware of the seeds of your emotions. You will become more aware of your emotional responses as soon as they start. You will feel your emotions straight away, while they are small and you will be able to act to stop them or change them or change your thinking before the emotion grows and really starts to affect you.
  • Train your mind to think of the positive - to flip the negative emotion into a positive. On the flip side of every negative emotion there is a positive, you simply won't allow yourself to think negatively and get emotional - you will always be thinking positively, looking for the opportunities and actually taking control yourself - filling your mind with positive emotions.
  • Train yourself to stop getting emotionally involved in situations that are causing you mental grief. This is a useful skill to gain if you have an emotionally straining job or you find that you can easily become involved in situations that are not yours to worry about.

This album will help you to be much more in touch with your emotions and much more in control - you will recognize your negative and limiting emotions and you will consciously and subconsciously change them - you will be in control of your mind and your emotions, not the other way around.

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Take control of your emotions and feelings and focus them positively to aid you in life instead of them holding you back! Download this subliminal cd today!

Script Used in Control Your Emotions Subliminal Recording

  • I am in control of my emotions
  • I find it easy to control my emotions
  • I am always aware of my emotions
  • I am aware of negative emotions before they grow larger
  • I can change my own emotions and feelings
  • I always change my feelings to be more positive
  • My inner strength is higher than ever
  • I am mentally strong and can deal with anything
  • My emotions are always positively focused
  • I am mentally prepared for any situation
  • I am sub consciously in control of my emotions
  • I am naturally in control of my emotions
  • I can dictate the way I want to feel
  • I know that my emotions are under my control
  • My thoughts are positive at all times
  • Positivity helps me to control my emotions