Be A Better Friend

Become a better friend with the help of our subliminal audio and quickly improve your existing relationships and begin to make new ones much more easily.

Be A Better Friend CD Album Cover
  • Do you find it difficult to make new friends?
  • Do you want to improve your social skills?
  • Do you want to value your current friends more highly and appreciate them more?
  • Do you want to become a better friend?

Many of us can go through phases in life where we prioritize other matters above our friends. Whether this is due to a new relationship, advancing in your career or taking up a new hobby, it can have disastrous effects on our current friendships. Thus, we may feel the need to become a better friend and it can be difficult to know how to do this. Our Be a Better Friend subliminal messaging album can help you do this by tapping into your subconscious mind to make you aware of your friendships, more conscious of your actions and more focused on being there for your friends.

Imagine how different your life would become if you became a better friend; you would be able to rely on your friends much more often and in turn, they would be able to rely on you for your support, you would be able to gain more friends and have a better social life. You would stop upsetting friends by forgetting birthdays and becoming more reliable and you would be happier in life knowing that you have such a strong social and support network behind you.

This album is a simple way to improve your existing friendships and build stronger foundations for new ones. It will help by:

  • Focusing your mind on your friends and ensuring that you prioritize your friendships. You will think of your friends first, you will become more selfless and you will be there for your friends in times of need.
  • Helping you to increase contact with your friends and automatically want to contact them after certain lengths of time. Simply by making contact with friends more often, you will be able to strengthen friendships and prove that you are interested in your friends and wish to spend more time with them.
  • Switch your mindset so that you actually want to set aside time in your life for your friends. By appreciating the time you spend with your friends more and the happiness they are able to bring to your life, you will soon be able to value your friends much more easily and be happier in their presence.
  • Helping you to become more empathetic and compassionate towards your friends is also extremely important and our album focuses on these two qualities quite strongly. Good friends are those that can be relied on and you feel you can turn to them in a difficult situation. By increasing your empathy and compassion for others, you can soon become ‘that friend’ whom everybody relies on to make them feel happier.

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Become a better friend and transform your friendships into something you can be proud of today!

Script Used in Be A Better Friend Subliminal Recording

  • I am a good friend
  • I enjoy being a good friend
  • I am focused on my friends
  • I always think of my friends first
  • I am always there for my friends
  • Other people admire my ability to be a good friend
  • My friends are extremely important to me
  • I always have time for my friends
  • I make time in my schedule for my friends
  • I love spending time with my friends
  • My friendships make me happy
  • I am usually the first to contact friends
  • I can maintain long distance friendships
  • I set aside time in my schedule for my friends
  • I am empathetic and respect other people’s feelings
  • My friends bring out my compassionate nature
  • People turn to me in a crisis
  • I enjoy helping my friends
  • My friends value me greatly