Break Free From Your Past

Break free from your past, leave behind the bad memories behind and start a new future today with our LIFE CHANGING subliminal mp3 album!

Break Free From Your Past CD Album Cover
  • Is your past filled with bad memories, rejection and disappointments?
  • Do you still wear the emotional scars from your past?
  • Do you worry about your future because of the negative events that have already happened to you?
  • Perhaps you have been bullied and can not seem to move on?
  • Are you worried about showing your feelings and emotions and tend to keep things "bottled up"?

No matter what traumatic events have happened to you in the past they need not affect your future, however, if these events are lodged in your mind and you can not let them go then sadly THEY WILL!

Help is here for you: Our subliminal mp3 album targets the root cause of the problem: your mind - to help you to break free from the past and look forward to a brighter future. Here's how this album will help you:

  • Allow your mind to emotionally release negative past memories, experiences and rejections and move on.
  • Teach your mind how to let go of self-resentments.
  • Bypass your inbuilt limiting beliefs and negative thoughts; allow yourself to begin to accept new positive thoughts to overcome your worries, stress and negativity.
  • Reprogram your mind to think positively about the future and appreciate all the good things in your life.
  • This album over time, will reprogram your brain to view your past differently: from looking at your past and still feeling hurt, negative, bitter and resentful, to being able to accept your past with a clear and calm mind, without resentment, so you can move on with your life.

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Imagine your life in 1, 3 even 5 years time... If you still have not let go of your past you will be in an even worse mental and physical situation - do not let things go this far! By being able to finally accept your past you will be able to move on and look towards a brighter future with the help of our subliminal messaging album!

Script Used in Break Free From Your Past Subliminal Recording

  • I accept my past for what it is
  • I am free from my past
  • I see the positive even in my past experiences
  • I am moving on from my past
  • I am leaving resentment behind
  • I have let go of all self-resentments
  • My past experiences have made me who I am
  • My past has given me strength
  • My past rejections have strengthened me
  • I am positive about my future
  • A bright future awaits me
  • I appreciate all the good things in my life now
  • I have many good things in my life and I look forward to the future