Resolve Past Shame

Put the shameful acts from your past to rest. Learn to come to terms with what you have done and finally move on and start fresh with the help of our powerful subliminal mp3 album!

Resolve Past Shame CD Album Cover
  • Have you committed shameful acts in the past?
  • Do these shameful acts cause you emotional or psychological distress when you recall what you have done?
  • Are you suffering from inner turmoil or perhaps even worry as you have to hide what you have done from friends, colleagues or loved ones?

Whether you have stolen, used or abused people, broken promises, cheated, lied, used violence, committed crimes, acted immorally or worse... you can use the power of this subliminal mp3 album to resolve these negative issues within your mind and start a fresh new future for yourself!

This album is not a quick fix, many of the shameful acts we commit are buried deep in our subconscious and therefore may take a long time to fully bring to the surface - we want to forget all about them, pretend they never happened or perhaps equate them with our "old selves"; that we would never do anything like that again. Whilst this may be true in some respects, you will never be able to truly move on, you will always have these acts hanging over you like a dark shadow... unless you can acknowledge them and admit what you have done, to yourself. This is exactly what this subliminal album is designed for.

This album works in 2 stages:

  • Firstly to allow your subconscious mind to bring your past shame or guilty actions to the surface and allow you to impartially examine what you have done and to truly understand your reasons for doing the act at the time. To bring your shameful act out into your conscious mind is an important step. Once you can examine yourself and stop pretending or hiding the truth, you can move on.
  • Next you will subliminally learn to neutralize the act in your mind, so that when you think of it, you no longer feel ashamed, embarrassed or feel negative about yourself. You will truly be able to put your shame to rest and gain real closure so that you can get on with your life without that shadow hanging over you.

Your past shameful acts will be holding you back more than you even realize; on an unconscious level you may feel like you do not deserve success, happiness or love. Do you really want to live with these "shadows" holding you back forever?

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Use our subliminal mp3 album to make a fresh start today - begin to resolve the problems that have been causing you emotional distress and move on with your life with a new found sense of pride and self-respect.

Script Used in Resolve Past Shame Subliminal Recording

  • I am aware of my shameful acts
  • I accept my shameful acts
  • I am coming to terms with my past
  • I am examining my previous shameful acts
  • I accept my history
  • I accept what I have done
  • I will move on from my shameful acts
  • I am not ashamed of what I have done
  • I can not change my past
  • I now feel neutral about my past
  • My past has happened and I will move on
  • I am no longer embarrassed by my past
  • I feel positive about my future
  • I can now move on with my life
  • My future will be bright
  • I can move past my shameful past
  • I am moving on to a brighter and more positive future