Emotional Intelligence

Increase your ability to assess and understand the emotions of yourself and other people with help from this subliminal audio messaging mp3 / CD.

Emotional Intelligence CD Album Cover
  • Do you ever find it difficult to understand your own emotions?
  • Do you wish you were better at interpreting how other people feel?
  • Do you want to be able to manage your emotions in a healthier way?
  • Do you ever wish that you could naturally be able to perceive emotions correctly?
  • Do you want to increase your emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence can be described as the ability to perceive and understand both your own and other people’s emotions. Of course, some people are more naturally in tune with their emotional intelligence than others, but it is not something you are either born with or without; there are ways to improve it.

Having a weak spot where emotional intelligence is concerned can make it harder for you to be empathetic with other people and much less considerate as you struggle to fully understand how other people are feeling. You may also struggle to stay in touch with your own emotions - to control them, to understand them and to keep them positive.

Our emotions are such a subjective and often mostly subconscious element of our psyche - and this is why subliminal messages can be a great tool to help increase your emotional intelligence - they can penetrate into the same areas of your mind as your emotions themselves and you can use them to:

  1. Open up your own mind to your own emotions - to understand yourself better and get a handle on your own emotions and feelings - and to gain a greater level of control over them.
  2. Gain an insight into other people - to read their emotions, become more empathetic and understand their emotional makeup much more clearly.

Imagine how different your life would become if you increased your emotional intelligence; to become fully in tune with your own emotions as well as other people’s. This would allow you to be happier in yourself and treat other people the way they wish to be treated depending on how they are feeling at the time, you would get on better with people, have deeper connections and more meaningful relationships.

These subliminal messages will help you to increase your emotional intelligence by improving your skills in 4 key areas:

  • Perception – subliminally change the way that you perceive the body language and facial expressions of other people so you become more receptive to their emotions.. as well as simply getting in touch with people on an energetic level. You will also become more receptive to your own emotions and become aware of how you are really feeling.
  • Reasoning – retrain your mind to start to mentally prioritize other people’s emotions so you are able to pay attention and react to the most important emotions that they are showing. It can also help you respond in an emotional yet healthy way to something that somebody tells you or the way someone treats you.
  • Understanding – become more tolerant and compassionate about the feelings of others, as well as looking for the deeper meaning as to where the emotion has come from. You will ultimately just understand people and their emotions more naturally in time without having to think about it.
  • Emotional Management – subliminally reprogram your brain to keep your own emotions under control and not allow them to get out of hand. You will be more aware emotionally, more in control and more balanced.

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Start to fully understand yourself and others emotionally and improve the quality of your relationships and your life - download this album today to get some subconscious support.

Script Used in Emotional Intelligence Subliminal Recording

  • I have excellent emotional intelligence
  • My emotional intelligence improves every day
  • I love being an emotionally intelligent person
  • My emotional intelligence defines me as a person
  • I can easily perceive the emotions of others
  • I am good at reading facial expressions and body language
  • I am receptive to other people’s emotions
  • I am aware of my own feelings and why they occur
  • I can prioritize the emotions of others
  • I am always aware of my own emotions
  • I can respond to the most important emotions that other people show
  • My emotions can respond healthily to any situation
  • I am compassionate about other people’s feelings
  • I understand the deeper meaning of other people’s emotions
  • My emotions do not get out of hand
  • I am good at keeping my emotions at a healthy level
  • I naturally manage my own emotions at all times
  • I can help other people regulate their feelings
  • I can respond correctly to someone who is emotional
  • I have excellent relationships with people because of my emotional intelligence