Poker Success Mindset

Raise your poker game, develop the ability to bluff and read people successfully so you can win at poker with our mind penetrating subliminal mp3 album.

Poker Success Mindset CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to increase your ability to bluff successfully and read other people's poker bluffs accurately?
  • Do you sometimes make mistakes in estimating the probability of a win? Or overlook a possible hand?
  • Do you panic and change your poker strategy under pressure?
  • Do you lose your focus and concentration after a long time playing? Does this cause you to make mistakes you normally wouldn't?

Poker is all about the power of your mind. Technical knowledge of the game is only a small element - you need to win the mental battle at the poker table, to be one step ahead of your opponents, able to conceal your strategy and successfully estimate theirs. This is the exact function of this subliminal messaging album!

Our subliminal audio mp3 will give you the advantage in terms of mind power over your opponents. You will gain clearer concentration and focus, the ability to bluff more effectively and call out your opponents bluffs: This audio will help open your mind to outside stimuli, giving you a greater awareness of people's habits and mannerisms.

  • Subliminally train your mind to hide your telltale signs of bluffing and present a calm, neutral appearance at all times.
  • Learn to read people and tell when they are bluffing.
  • Train your mind to stay focused under pressure and over long time periods; which means that you will stick to your poker strategy and ensure you do not get careless and make mistakes.
  • Keep your concentration and the ability to stay alert at all times.
  • Acquire the mental state and qualities that differentiate the top poker players from the amateurs!

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Do you really want to keep losing money or winning inconsistently at best? Stop leaving your poker success to luck!

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Script Used in Poker Success Mindset Subliminal Recording

  • I am an excellent poker player
  • I have an excellent poker face
  • I can bluff successfully
  • I can read people well
  • I can tell when people are bluffing
  • I always notice giveaway signs of bluffing
  • I stay focused under pressure
  • I keep my concentration under pressure
  • I have a high level of concentration
  • I play consistently
  • I stick to my poker strategy at all times
  • I can stay alert for long periods of time
  • I will be a top poker player
  • I play poker to a high level
  • I win consistently