Muscle Recovery & Growth

Reprogram your mind to increase your muscle recovery time with our powerful subliminal mp3 album and increase muscle growth at a faster rate.

Muscle Recovery & Growth CD Album Cover

Are you training hard to improve your muscle growth but are being held back by a slow muscle recovery time?

  • Does it take a long time for your muscles to recover after training?
  • Is your muscle lactic acid recovery rate limiting your progress at the gym, your ability to grow new muscle or train as much as you want to?
  • Do you struggle to see an improvement in strength and muscle growth even after lots of training?
  • Do you struggle to keep your exercise routine or sometimes feel tired during your workout?

If you can relate to any of the above questions then you do not need to struggle like this forever - you can use the power of this subliminal audio album to improve both your muscle recovery time and muscle growth rate! Achieve the most from your workouts with our powerful subliminal messaging mp3 album. Here's how this album will help you:

  • Reprogram yourself to improve your muscle growth due to increased muscle recovery time, using our subliminal album featuring NLP power words and positive affirmations.
  • Reprogram your mind to speed up the body's natural post-workout muscle recovery to increase the speed of new muscle growth.
  • Improve your recovery time for sore leg muscles, biceps, shoulders and even increase your chronic chest muscle strain recovery speed.
  • Increase your motivation and drive to train and succeed and get the most out of your workouts.
  • Strengthen your mind to go beyond your comfort zone and beyond your current limits.
  • Develop a healthy, toned body without the use of drugs!

Increase your chronic muscle strain recovery time with the aid of this subliminal mp3 album; meaning you can get back to the gym sooner or simply gain your freedom of movement back quicker and lose those aches and pains.

Obviously training, lifting weights and going to the gym is a physical activity, however, there are both physical and mental methods of training in sport.

Many people will ignore this mental element and suffer from inconsistent training or may never achieve their full potential. There is no easy method for how to build crazy muscle fast, but this subliminal album will give you the strength of mind to succeed and build your ideal body.

This album is suitable for both female or male muscle training and muscle growth.

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Stop struggling with your workouts and not seeing the results you want! Get the body you deserve!

Start on the path to your full muscle potential with this subliminal mp3 album! Improve your high-intensity training, build muscle faster and achieve your ideal body.

Script Used in Muscle Recovery & Growth Subliminal Recording

  • I am building muscle
  • My muscles grow every day
  • My muscle mass is constantly increasing
  • My body is getting more and more toned
  • My muscles are clearly defined
  • I take my weight training seriously
  • My muscles recover quickly
  • My muscle recovery time is at its peak
  • I have a fast rate of muscle recovery
  • My muscles recover and stop aching quickly
  • I always get the most from my workouts
  • I always train to my limit
  • I am always pushing myself further
  • I always aim to beat my personal best