Stopping Nightmares: Night Terror Cure

Stopping nightmares does not have to be difficult! Use our powerful subliminal "Night Terror Cure" mp3 album to target your mind directly and stop your nightmares!

Stopping Nightmares: Night Terror Cure CD Album Cover
  • Do you suffer from severe nightmares which can be very vivid or seem real?
  • Do you encounter "Night Terrors" during the night?
  • So you sometimes see scary images, for example, horrible faces?
  • Do you ever suffer from a form of "sleep paralysis" where you are awake, but you can not move, it may feel like you can not breathe or feel squashed by some kind of invisible force?

Why do Nightmares Happen - Why do People Have Night Terrors?

Night terrors and nightmares in adults or children may be caused by a number of different things:

  • Stressful events in your waking life.
  • Worries, fears and problems - particularly if you can not see a solution.
  • Repetitive negative thoughts.

Sometimes the cause may not be so straightforward, but there is usually a common link - your mind's inability to process information - for example when a child first learns about death they can not fully comprehend it and may have nightmares or when you have so much stress and can not see an end to your problems, you may encounter more nightmares.

Perhaps you have had these nightmares for years and feel that you will always suffer from Nightmares and Night Terrors? This does not have to be the case. Our night terror cure album is designed to directly target your mind (the source of your problem), to get rid of the negative thoughts, stress and worries that are causing your nightmares! Here is how it will help you:

  • Reprogram the way your subconscious mind works to stop nightmares, bad dreams and cure night terrors naturally.
  • Target the negative thoughts and worries that will be manifested into nightmares. Turn them into positive thoughts to have pleasant dreams instead!
  • Calm your mind, learn to relax and dissolve any stress before you sleep to make sure you get a peaceful nights sleep.
  • Eliminate any negative beliefs and energy that may be causing your night terrors.

This album is suitable for relieving nightmares in adults or children. We recommend listening to this album before you go to bed or even leaving it on while you sleep for maximum results.

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Put an end to your nightmares before they start affecting your daily life with the help of our powerful subliminal "Night Terror Cure" mp3 album - one of the few NATURAL treatments for night terrors available!

Script Used in Stopping Nightmares: Night Terror Cure Subliminal Recording

  • I feel happy
  • My body and mind are relaxed
  • I will have nice dreams
  • I always enjoy my dreams
  • My dreams will be pleasant tonight
  • I enjoy going to sleep and dreaming
  • I am calm and relaxed
  • I am always relaxed and at ease when going to sleep
  • I am abundant with positive thoughts
  • Positive energy flows through my body and mind
  • My dreams are always enjoyable