Deep Meditation Aid

Enter a deep meditation with our subliminal meditation tool and enhance your meditative state way beyond your current ability.

Deep Meditation Aid CD Album Cover
  • Do you regularly meditate and want to take your meditation to a deeper level?
  • Are you struggling to relax and focus on your meditation?
  • Do you try to meditate but can't find peace due to an active mind and racing thoughts?

If you are struggling with your meditation in any way, if you can not calm your mind or give up on your meditation session too early, we can help you. Our subliminal meditation music will send specific messages to your unconscious mind to enhance your meditation sessions. It will:

  • Help you to reach a deeper level of meditation and leave your physical worries behind.
  • Clear your mind and stop your chain of thoughts.
  • Slow down your thinking and let your thoughts pass without dwelling on them and achieve a calmer state of mind.
  • Allow you to develop a focus on your meditation technique.
  • Focus you on your breathing, so that everything else melts away.

Download our free app for iPhone/iPad today and listen immediately after your purchase- just search the App Store for Real Subliminal.

Whether you want to start meditating or are already practicing but want to enhance your efforts - to meditate for longer or to a deeper level and leave your physical worries and thoughts behind - then our subliminal meditation download will enhance your meditation sessions.

Script Used in Deep Meditation Aid Subliminal Recording

  • I enjoy meditation
  • I take my meditation seriously
  • I enjoy my meditation sessions
  • My mind is slowing down
  • My mind is calm
  • My mind is clear
  • My mind is empty
  • Thoughts come and go effortlessly
  • I am entering a deep meditation
  • My brain waves are slowing
  • My breathing is soft and relaxed
  • My breathing is natural
  • My conscious is inwardly expanding
  • I am going deeper into meditation
  • I am going further into my mind and body