Learn How To See Auras

Open your mind and learn how to see auras with help from our mind expanding subliminal messages.

Learn How To See Auras CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to learn how to see auras?
  • Do you want to become more perceptive about people?
  • Do you want to open up your senses and become more intuitive about people?

Learning to see auras is more of a sense or in fact, an extension of your senses. For example, if you can sense the tension in a room between people perhaps after an argument or even with sexual tension then this is the first step. Sensing this energy is the very start of seeing a person's aura. With practice and reprogramming your mind, this sense will develop fully into seeing auras - anyone can do it.

Some people have a natural talent or extended awareness and they gradually develop the skill to view auras naturally. This is not a skill which you are either born with or without. They developed naturally, but you can learn to do it all the same. Essentially, seeing auras is due to a difference in the way the mind works. Their mind has developed a way of seeing, sensing and interpreting information which is different to yours. You can rewire your mind to work in the exact same way and see auras too and this is exactly what this subliminal album is designed to do.

Our subliminal messages won't work instantly. You won't listen to the album and immediately see auras around everyone, everywhere you go. However, with repeated exposure to the messages, it will speed up the process for you. Your mind will develop and change to work in the same way as these people who naturally see auras. As this ability develops you will notice faint outlines around your hands when in dim lighting first of all and then you will develop the ability to see auras around other people too.

Seeing auras can be an extremely useful skill to learn. It will help you to:

  • Become more intuitive about people.
  • Read people's feelings and emotions better.
  • Become a better judge of character.
  • Keep away from negative, angry or destructive people.
  • See peoples emotional well being.
  • Notice possible changes in mental and physical health before they manifest fully.

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If learning to see auras is a skill you want to acquire then gain an advantage today! Use our subliminal messages to reduce your learning curve and enhance your skills.

Script Used in Learn How To See Auras Subliminal Recording

  • I can see auras
  • I have a natural ability to see auras
  • My ability to see auras is getting stronger
  • I see auras around people
  • I sense auras naturally
  • I am developing my senses
  • I am developing an extra sensory perception
  • I can sense the change in people's moods
  • I am naturally perceptive about people
  • My mind is opening up
  • I have strong intuition
  • I am in touch with peoples emotions
  • I can read people's emotions very well