Become Telepathic

Enhance your extrasensory perception and become telepathic with our mind penetrating subliminal mp3s.

Become Telepathic CD Album Cover

We have all had occasions where we were in tune with a member of our family or partner, where we could sense that something had happened in their lives upon seeing them or we knew what they were about to do or tell us. Sometimes we just seem to be tuned in to the people around us. These moments are the early stages of becoming telepathic. You can take this further still and really enhance your levels of perception.

Our album will help you to do this - to develop your psychic potential by rewiring your inner mind to become more perceptive. Specifically, it will help you to open up your mind and tune into other people and learn how to become telepathic.

This album will help you to:

  • Tap into your psychic potential - increase your extrasensory perception and develop your sixth sense.
  • Open your mind and tune into peoples thoughts and align your thoughts with theirs.
  • Grow your extra sensory perception into actual telepathy.
  • Be able to instantly read peoples moods and any signals they give off.
  • Develop your instincts for when people are telling the truth or not.

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If you want to tap into the thoughts of others, increase your levels of perception, develop your sixth sense to a higher level and become telepathic, then our subliminal MP3s will give you a boost in mind power and enhance your mind beyond its current limits.

Script Used in Becoming Telepathic Subliminal Recording

  • My telepathic ability is developing
  • I have the ability to perceive what people are thinking
  • My extrasensory perception is increasing
  • I am developing my sixth sense
  • I have psychic potential
  • I have natural psychic potential
  • My mind is opening up
  • My third eye is open
  • I can sense people on a deeper level
  • I can feel peoples feelings and emotions
  • My mind is open to other people's thoughts
  • I am aware of other people's thoughts
  • I am becoming more and more telepathic
  • My psychic instincts are growing stronger
  • I can read people very accurately
  • I have strong intuition
  • I can sense the slightest change in people's moods
  • I can see when people tell the truth
  • I have the ability to read people's minds
  • My telepathy is increasing