Easy Astral Projection

Astral projection made simple! Use our deep penetrating subliminal mp3 album to increase your likelihood of having an astral projection!

Easy Astral Projection CD Album Cover

Firstly, you might be wondering what is an out of body experience (obe / oobe)?

Astral Projection aka Astral Travel / is defined as "The experience, whether spontaneous or induced, of traveling through the astral realm in the form of the astral body" i.e. the ability to leave your physical body and travel through the spiritual and astral realms.

Some people experience this due to exceptional or stressful situations, such as major surgery or a near death experience, however, ANYONE can learn how to personally induce an out of body experience.

This album is designed to increase your chance of having such an experience and to boost many of the mental traits required before, during and after astral travel. Here is what this album will do:

  • Develop your natural ability of how to leave your body and astral travel.
  • Naturally induce your vibrational state to induce your conscious astral travels.
  • Expand the limits of your consciousness so you can enable and allow your mind to interpret the experience.
  • Increase your capacity to maintain the experience, stop ending the out of body experience early and prolong the experience instead.
  • Bypass any inbuilt limiting beliefs, negativity or mental limitations that may be hindering your progress.
  • Develop the ability to remember your experience upon returning to normal waking consciousness.

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What to Expect

We recommend listening to this album while you are in a relaxed state of mind, once per day and especially when you are preparing to have an out of body experience for maximum benefits.

This subliminal mp3 album is designed to align your subconscious mind with the goal of inducing an astral projection - it is not, however, a "Magic Pill" - you will not instantly have an out of body experience as soon as you play it. It is designed to act as an aid to boost your chance of having an out of body experience, as well as helping to induce an astral state, increasing the skills required while astrally traveling and to aid memory of the incident upon returning to your body.

Script Used in Easy Astral Projection Subliminal Recording

  • I can leave my body
  • I can leave my body at will
  • I am totally relaxed and will leave my body
  • I am leaving my body
  • I can feel the sensation of leaving my body
  • I can see my body below me
  • I easily leave my body
  • I regularly astral travel
  • Astral projection is natural to me
  • My conscious awareness is expanding
  • I always remember my astral travels
  • My astral travels last a long time
  • I always maintain control during astral travel
  • I always keep awareness during astral travel
  • I always remember my astral projection upon returning to my body
  • I always remember every astral experience