Induce Lucid Dreaming

If you are on this page asking "How can I have a lucid dream?" then you are in the right place! Our subliminal lucid dream inducing mp3 will penetrate your subconscious mind and help you to have lucid dreams naturally and effortlessly.

Induce Lucid Dreaming CD Album Cover

Lucid Dreaming is the phenomenon where you become conscious during a dream and gain the ability to control the dream's events. Anyone can learn to lucid dream, it is mostly a process of learning to become aware during your dream, to know that you are dreaming and acknowledge that you can, therefore, do whatever you wish.

Have you heard about lucid dreaming and want to give it a try for yourself? Or perhaps you have had some sort of lucid dream previously, but can not seem to repeat it? You can use the power of this subliminal mp3 album to boost your ability to have lucid dreams, here is how it works:

  • Boost your ability to become conscious during your dreams.
  • Increase your ability to control and manipulate your dreams exactly as you wish.
  • Learn to lucid dream without waking up prematurely.
  • Learn to extend your lucid dreams by increasing your consciousness for prolonged periods of time.
  • Learn this skill naturally - i.e. without taking supplements to have lucid dreams (which can have negative side effects!)

Lucid dreaming can be learnt by telling yourself (as you lay in bed and are falling asleep) that you will be dreaming soon and you have the power to control it. This method is simple, but it can take a long time to fully work - repeating this to yourself night after night for weeks or even months! The aim of this album is to align your subconscious mind with your goal of lucid dreaming too. With both your conscious and unconscious minds working towards the same goal you will achieve the result much faster than normal!

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What to Expect

Listen to this album just before you go to bed, so that the subliminal messages are fresh in your unconscious mind and over time you will become more and more aware of your dreams, be able to 'go lucid' much more often and gain better of control of your dreams to do exactly as you wish.

Whether you wish to learn to fly, visit the moon, meet celebrities, gain the power to change your nightmares and more - this album will help you to become lucid and increase your 'lucid dreaming skills'.

Do not leave lucid dreaming to chance, increase your chance of having a lucid dream with the help of this mind penetrating subliminal mp3 - one of the few natural ways to induce lucid dreaming.

Script Used in Induce Lucid Dreaming Subliminal Recording

  • I am dreaming
  • I will be dreaming soon
  • I am going to have a dream
  • I will realize I am dreaming
  • I am always aware that I am dreaming
  • I will have a lucid dream
  • I have regular lucid dreams
  • I will become conscious in my dream
  • I always notice when I am in a dream world
  • I can manipulate my dreams
  • I can control my dream as I wish
  • I am calm at all times during my dreams
  • I am in complete control of my dreams at all times
  • I am a regular lucid dreamer
  • I always remember my lucid dreams