Develop Psychic Abilities

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Develop psychic abilities and improve your psychic intuition with our mind opening subliminal mp3 album.

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  • Do you want to boost your psychic powers?
  • Are you becoming skeptical about your psychic potential?
  • Are you trying psychic exercises but not making much progress?
  • Do you want to give your psychic power a boost?

Everyone has the potential to develop psychic ability, in essence, it is just a type of mind power which we have neglected. Because it is a mental skill you can improve it by rewiring your mind to be more receptive. Our subliminal messages do exactly that, they will penetrate into your subconscious mind - the source of your psychic ability - to increase your potential to develop psychic power, and experience psychic phenomena.

There are many smaller psychic specialties such as telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, intuition, clairsentience, spirit guide or higher self-communication, reading people, psychometry and more. Our album is meant to be used as a general tool no matter which is your specific psychic pursuit. It simply opens your mind and helps boost the core psychic skills required in any psychic specialty:

  • Acknowledge your psychic potential - you will truly believe in your ability to develop this skill-set and lose any limiting beliefs - this is the essential first step in developing your psychic power.
  • Develop the intense focus and ability to concentrate required for psychic communications.
  • Open your "third eye"; our specific messages will help to open up your third eye so you can receive information via your 6th sense.
  • Heighten your intuition - you may be familiar with having a "bad feeling" about something - this is the very beginning of psychic abilities. With greater psychic powers you will receive more information and specifics beyond just intuition.
  • Read and influence people - develop this powerful ability which will help you in ALL areas of your life.
  • Learn more about yourself, your inner purpose in life and achieve a greater level of spirituality.

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Whether you are looking for further spiritual development, to increase your psychic intuition, or to interpret visions of the future you can develop psychic powers and boost your psychic potential with our powerful subliminal messages.

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Script Used in Develop Psychic Abilities Subliminal Recording

  • I believe in my psychic potential
  • I have psychic potential
  • I can develop my psychic ability
  • I will develop my psychic power
  • I am developing my psychic ability
  • I am acquiring psychic power
  • I have a natural ability to focus deeply
  • I can concentrate intensely
  • My mind is open
  • My third eye is open
  • My third eye is opening more every day
  • I can receive extra sensory information
  • I trust my intuition
  • My intuition is always correct
  • I listen to my intuition
  • My gut feeling is correct
  • I follow my feelings
  • I investigate my intuition and feelings deeper
  • I read people very well
  • I can sense people on a deeper level
  • I can feel peoples thoughts, and emotions
  • I am in touch with my energy
  • I am in touch with the energy changes all around me
  • I feel energy from other people