Stop Using Bad Language

Learn to express yourself without needing to use swear words and bad language with our subliminal mp3 album.

Stop Using Bad Language CD Album Cover
  • Do you constantly swear?
  • Is using bad language natural to you?
  • Do you not even realize when you are using bad language?
  • Do you use bad language as a descriptive word instead of more intelligent/interesting words?
  • Do you use bad language when you shouldn't or does your choice of language ever get you into trouble?
  • Do you want to clean up your vocabulary and sound more intelligent?

Swearing too much will limit you, you will miss opportunities in life, you will be seen as less intelligent, less articulate and less cultured. Your bad language will hold you back - however, if you really want to change your ways and your bad language is a habit you want to overcome, then we can help you. Our subliminal messages will penetrate your mind to remove this bad habit from your mind. You will:

  • Start expressing yourself without the use of swear words.
  • Gain a greater awareness of the language you use.
  • Be able to stop yourself from swearing.
  • Start looking for alternative words to use wherever possible.
  • Learn a greater variety of vocabulary.
  • Appear more intelligent and more cultured.

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Put an end to unnecessary swearing today - break free from the limiting chains which are holding you back in life and realize your full potential with our powerful subliminal messaging mp3s.

Script Used in Stop Using Bad Language Subliminal Recording

  • I have an excellent vocabulary
  • I express myself well
  • I am in full control of my vocabulary
  • I use different describing words
  • I enjoy discovering new vocabulary
  • I always speak politely
  • I am polite and well mannered
  • I have excellent manners
  • I am always courteous and polite
  • I am intelligent and cultured
  • People admire my use of language