Love Cleaning & Housework

Learn to love cleaning and housework and get more done in less time around the house with our powerful subliminal mp3 album!

Love Cleaning & Housework CD Album Cover
  • Do you have too much housework to do, and feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you hate doing housework, and see it as a chore?
  • Does it just seem to mount up - no matter how much you do there is always something else?
  • Do yo feel like you don't even know where to begin?

If you can relate to any of the above questions then you can use the power of this subliminal audio album to increase your motivation to do the housework and cleaning, and change they way you feel about it. It will target your unconscious mind and thought processes associated to cleaning so that instead of feeling negative about having to clean and do the housework instead you will be super motivated and empowered!

  • Re-Program yourself to enjoy doing the cleaning and housework.
  • Subliminally align your unconscious mind with the goal of completing your house work, and remove any mental barriers to success.
  • Change your negative thought patterns and attitude about having to clean into an positive, enthusiastic outlook.
  • Increase your motivation to get the work done.
  • Train your mind to not get overwhelmed, but to start the work without getting stressed out, or putting things off!
  • Use this album regularly - once a day at first, or especially when you are actually doing some housework to gain maximum benefit. Change your belief systems about housework and the way your mind works by using this album.

You do not have to hate your chores and housework forever! Our subliminal mp3 album will give you a new optimistic outlook to help you enjoy, and feel positive about your daily tasks, and help you to get things done in time to give you back your free time to enjoy other activities.

Script Used in Love Cleaning & Housework Subliminal Recording

  • I enjoy cleaning
  • I enjoy doing the housework
  • I enjoy keeping a tidy house
  • My house is always tidy
  • I am naturally tidy
  • I am always motivated to clean
  • I love cleaning and doing housework
  • I always clean as it needs doing
  • I always keep my house clean and tidy
  • I love cleaning
  • Keeping a clean and tidy house is important to me
  • I love keeping a clean house