Common Sense

Improve your common sense with the help of our subliminal audio, so you can quickly and easily become a more logical and rational individual.

Common Sense CD Album Cover
  • Do you sometimes make silly decisions that you later regret?
  • Do you wish you could work in a more logical and coherent manner?
  • Do you get sick of people saying that you have no common sense?
  • Do you know that you are successful in many areas of your life, but sometimes just lack a little common sense?

Contrary to popular belief, common sense is not simply a skill that you are just born with or without and can't change.

Our experiences in life cause us to develop it and it can improve with training and self-belief. If you wish to improve your common sense and want to get rid of your reputation for not possessing any, our subliminal audio could be perfect for you!

Imagine how much better your life would become if your common sense improved. You would firstly lose the reputation that you have always hated, you would become much less likely to make mistakes and end up in strange accidents and you would most likely become much happier with your thought process and decision-making skills.

Subliminal messaging can be effective in improving your common sense and this album will help you to:

  • Reprogram your inner thoughts to think more logically about the situations that you find yourself in. By thinking a little more before you act, you are much more likely to choose the right action for the situation you have been presented. Logical thought is a key building block of common sense and you must improve this before you will see noticeable changes in your common sense levels.
  • Slow your thoughts down and stop acting on impulse. You will breathe and think before you act, you will stop making snap decisions and rash actions. You will think things through more and stop yourself from acting when you need to.
  • Subliminally train yourself to learn from your past mistakes. This means that you will never repeat a mistake twice which is an important component of common sense. This album also allows you to improve your observation skills and learn from other people’s mistakes, as well as learning from your own.
  • Become more confident and believe in yourself more. A lot of the time, rash decisions indicating that a person has little common sense, are simply due to a lack of self-belief. This album contains some positive affirmations to raise your self-esteem and belief in yourself.
  • Realise the aspects of common sense that are most important to your life and work on these. For instance, aspects of common sense such as street smarts, decision making, logical thought processes etc will be important to different people depending on their walks of life.

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Increase your common sense levels today with our Common Sense subliminal audio collection and start to improve your skills and your reputation.

Script Used in Common Sense Subliminal Recording

  • My common sense is improving every day
  • I have gained a lot of common sense
  • I can learn from my mistakes
  • I always learn from my mistakes
  • I can learn from other people’s mistakes
  • I think about every situation in a logical manner
  • I think before I act
  • I think slowly and rationally before acting
  • I think things through fully at all times
  • I can make an informed decision
  • I enjoy being a logical person
  • I believe in my decision-making skills
  • I am confident and I believe in myself
  • My self-esteem is at an all time high
  • I can identify the aspects of common sense that are most important to me