Revision Aid: Exam Success

Develop a complete focus on your revision, take in more information and improve your recall rate to PASS YOUR EXAMS with our mind enhancing subliminal mp3 album!

Revision Aid: Exam Success CD Album Cover
  • Do you view studying and revision as a chore?
  • Do you always find something more interesting to do when you should be studying?
  • Do you find it hard to remember the information you have just read?
  • Are your grades suffering due to poor study habits?
  • Do you wish you could just get on with the work as other people seem to be able to do? Or even start to enjoy it?

Revision can be boring, difficult and stressful, especially if it for a subject you do not enjoy. However, revision and exam preparation are essential ingredients for success.

Revision need not be so difficult. The only difference between you and someone who does study harder, is your mind-frame and thought processes.

Our subliminal mp3 album is designed to remove your negative mindset towards revising and replace it with the thought patterns of those people who can easily study and perform well in exams because of it. Here is how it will help you:

  • Program your mind into a peak state to study.
  • Begin to really WANT to prepare for your exams and study hard.
  • Develop your ability to STAY FOCUSED and concentrate, to take in and retain more information.
  • Develop a strong unbeatable mental attitude and drive which will simply not allow failure - to push yourself to pass your exams at all costs!
  • Improve your levels of discipline to study for longer periods, without allowing yourself to become distracted.
  • End procrastination - stop putting things off and leaving work until the last minute.
  • Improve your memory skills and rewire your mind to increase the accuracy of the information you recall.
  • Train yourself not to get stressed out, but to keep a calm and clear mind on the day of the exam, to ensure your stress does not get in the way of your ability to recall the information you need!

Many other subliminal revision aid albums are merely subliminal aids to increase MOTIVATION. They don't directly help you improve your capability to learn, process information, stay focused and reprogram to specifically work harder and revise more.

This subliminal CD specifically stimulates, develops and reprograms the areas of your brain which are used when you are learning. Also unlike some study help software programs, it works without needing any conscious input from yourself!

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Your future is in your hands, the action you take now will have consequences for the rest of your life. Working that bit harder to pass your exams will have a massive effect on the rest of your life!

Buy this album now and acquire the complete mindset of a star student and realize your true potential.

Script Used in Revision Aid: Exam Success Subliminal Recording

  • I always study hard
  • I enjoy studying
  • I study hard to get good grades
  • I always concentrate fully on my studies
  • I always focus on my revision and studies
  • I will succeed in my education
  • I get excellent grades and results
  • I will succeed at all costs
  • I always push myself to study and achieve my full potential
  • I will achieve the highest grades possible
  • I am extremely disciplined in my studies
  • I always start my revision early
  • I study hard constantly
  • I can recall information accurately and precisely
  • I always remember information accurately
  • On the exam day I will be calm and relaxed
  • I am always confident on the day of the exam
  • My mind is clear in an exam
  • I easily recall the information I have read