Math Study Skills

Improve your Math study skills and develop a complete focus on your Math studies with our mind enhancing subliminal messages!

Math Study Skills CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to improve your ability to study Maths?
  • Do you want to improve your ability to calculate large sums in your head, understand algebra and complicated mathematical equations?
  • Do you struggle to complete your assignments, do your homework and revise?
  • Can you always find something more interesting to do than your Math studies?
  • Are your grades suffering due to poor study habits?
  • Do you wish you could just get on with the work or even start to enjoy doing math?

Studying Math doesn't have to be a nightmare. The only difference between you and someone who does study harder or is better at math, is all down to your frame of mind and thought processes.

Our subliminal mp3 album was designed to remove any limiting or negative thoughts you have towards studying Math which may be holding you back and to replace them with the thought patterns of those people who study hard, enjoy Math and perform well in exams - so that you too can achieve success in math!

Many other subliminal study skills albums are merely subliminal tools to increase MOTIVATION. They do not directly help you improve your capability to learn, process information, stay focused and reprogram you to specifically work harder and study Math with dedication. Our subliminal messages have been designed to develop and reprogram the areas of your brain which are used when you are studying math, all without needing any conscious input from yourself!

This album works in 2 ways:


This album will give you a boost of motivation and make you specifically want to study, it will also increase your willpower/discipline to help you to study for longer, boost your ability to really focus and concentrate, reduce your tendency to procrastinate and also improve your memory so you will remember what you read and learn more efficiently.

  • Reprogram your mind into a peak state to study.
  • Develop an unstoppable drive to study and achieve the most you possibly can.
  • Improve your level of discipline to study math for long periods of time without becoming distracted.
  • End procrastination - stop putting your studies off until later.
  • Improve your memory skills to increase the accuracy of the information you recall.
  • Start to enjoy studying Math, instead of viewing it in a negative light.
  • Subliminally align your unconscious mind with the goal, going all out to achieve success in your Math studies.


Our album also reprograms the areas of your brain which are used when you are learning Math information. It concentrates on your left brain hemisphere - which is the logical, critical and mathematical area of your brain. Over time this will rewire your brain so that all the skills relevant to learning Math will be improved: the ability to calculate large sums in your head, process equations faster and understand algebra easier and to generally think more logically and critically.

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With these 2 approaches, you will gain better study habits generally and also specifically improve your Math study skills for maximum results. Acquire the complete mindset of a star Math student today with our powerful subliminal Math study skills album and realize your true potential!

Script Used in Math Study Skills Subliminal Recording

  • I enjoy math
  • I study math with complete focus
  • I put a lot of effort into my math studies
  • I have an unstoppable drive towards my math studies
  • I am extremely motivated to learn math to a high level
  • I study math regularly
  • I study math as and when I need to
  • I think logically at all times
  • I think critically and process all information thoroughly
  • I take a problem-solving approach to life
  • I enjoy solving problems
  • I process mathematical information in my head easily
  • I can calculate large sums effortlessly
  • I enjoy calculating sums in my head
  • I think logically and critically at all times