Throat Chakra

Use this subliminal audio to open and strengthen your throat chakra - the chakra responsible for your communication skills and your ability to manifest relationships.

Throat Chakra CD Album Cover

These subliminal messages will help you to open, balance and heal your throat chakra to help you to build trust in all of your personal relationships as well as improving your communication skills - and ultimately helping you to attract romantic relationships into your life.

The Throat Chakra...

The throat chakra is located at the front of the throat. It is related to the color blue. This chakra is connected to relationships, but not in the same way as the sacral chakra is.

If you have a weak throat chakra then you may struggle to communicate and socialize in even an everyday way, but also especially in terms of communication in relationships. You may be overly familiar with trust issues both ways - trusting your partner and them trusting you. Jealousy might be a common emotion too, as well as envy, doubt, confusion and worry - but all of this stems from poor communication and is a sign of an imbalanced throat chakra.

When you open and heal your throat chakra, you improve your ability to trust and be trustworthy, to communicate with people truthfully and fairly. Your relationships improve and your trust increases.

Manifestation Effects...

Because you are communicating effectively you start to manifest stronger relationships - you will either manifest a new partner or if you are in a relationship then your bond will strengthen, you will really talk to each other and your relationship will improve.

The main benefit you will get from this album is the increased power you will receive in your ability to manifest.

If you constantly seem to manifest difficult, negative and argumentative partners and relationships then with a change in your throat chakra, the types of partners and relationships you manifest and experience will change.

Like attracts like - and because you will change; you will become more open, able to trust and able to communicat. Then in turn, you will attract this type of person to you, so that your relationships will become more open, communicative and trusting.

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Download this album today and heal your throat chakra so that you can manifest a loving, lasting, trusting relationship that you know you deserve!

Script Used in Throat Chakra Subliminal Recording

  • I am opening my throat chakra
  • I am healing my throat chakra
  • I am balancing my throat chakra
  • My throat chakra is healthy
  • My throat chakra is functioning at 100%
  • My throat chakra is open
  • My throat chakra is balanced
  • My throat chakra is healthy
  • My throat chakra is helping me to manifest positive relationships
  • My throat chakra is helping me to trust and be trusted
  • My throat chakra is helping me to communicate
  • My communication skills are open and natural
  • I communicate clearly and truthfully
  • I am manifesting my ideal relationship
  • I am manifesting and creating a balanced, happy relationship