Subliminal Chakra Healing – Complete Chakras Collection

Use this powerful collection to get the balance back to your body, mind and spirit – open, heal and balance all 7 of the most important energy centers and achieve a harmonious relationship with yourself, with others and with the world.

How familiar are you with the subtle energies that flow through your body?

Everybody needs life force energy to survive; we use that energy, we share it with others and we draw in fresh supplies through a series of “power stations“ in our bodies – chakras. We have 7 major chakras, running in a line from the groin area to the top of the head and distributing the energy to hundreds of smaller chakras around the body.

The chakras are what keeps our whole mind and body working together, blending our life force energy with our physical energy.

Each chakra manages a certain set of critical bodily functions and mental and emotional issues and when the energy flows smoothly, we “work“ smoothly as well – our body and our mind are in harmony, in a state of total physical and emotional well-being.

But the experiences that we go through, our thoughts and attitude, can cause an imbalance or blocks in our chakras, further causing the imbalance in our minds and bodies.

And what do we do?

We take care of our bodies; we take care of our mental and emotional state, but the very source of our life gets neglected. Like most other people, you too probably don’t have the habit of cleansing and healing your chakras – you treat the symptoms but you forget to treat the cause of the imbalance in your organism.

Towards holistic health

A physical ailment, disturbing and negative emotions, faulty beliefs... literally ANY problem that you have, both stems from and creates stuck energy in your chakras. That’s why, in order to fully heal and stay healthy in both mind and body, you must release the stagnant energy that’s causing it.

Chances are some of your chakras are working just fine right now and one or a few aren’t; but even one chakra out of balance means some sort of discomfort (on a physical, mental or emotional plane) and besides, if you want to achieve AND maintain the optimum state of health and well-being, you should work with your chakras at least every now and then.

That's why now we're giving you the instruments to take care of ALL of your chakras!

“Chakra hygiene“ means that you’re taking care of the very essence of your life. Do you think there's anything more important than this?

Clear chakras, free of stagnant energy, mean that:

These 7 subliminal albums, each designed to address imbalances in one of your major chakras, work on chakra activation, chakra cleansing and chakra balancing – they help you get in touch with your mind and body on an unconscious level, so that you’re able to align with your chakras and heal them!

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If you are new to the idea of chakras and chakras balancing, you might underestimate the power of this process and dismiss it as something you don't need to work on... Don't make that mistake!

Balancing your chakras can significantly change how you view the outside world, yourself, your role, your abilities, your relationship to others, your vision, your ability to achieve goals and your manifestation efforts.

This means that your overall perspective on life will improve, you'll be able to acknowledge your personal abilities and to achieve the optimal level of well-being. This process helps you find the inner and physical balance, confidence, calmness, peace and anything else you may need to feel strong, positive and ready to take on the world!

Do you want to feel balanced, grounded, healthy, positive, rejuvenated and uplifted about your life? Here's the key to it all!

SAVE 50% with our pack discount!

Individually, these albums cost $83.79 (when taking the MP3 downloads), however now this complete collection is available at a MASSIVE 50% SAVING -->