Root Chakra

Open and balance your root chakra - the chakra responsible for your core manifestation ability and connection to the earth and outside energy.

Root Chakra CD Album Cover

These subliminal messages will help you to open, balance and heal your root chakra so that you can eliminate negative physical and mental manifestations and also improve your ability to manifest and create the lifestyle and life you really want.

The Root Chakra...

Is physically located at the base of your spine. It is related to the color red and is connected to both your sense of stability and how we interpret and indeed, how we actually create our physical world.

Manifestation Effects...

The main benefit you will get from this album is the increased power you will receive in your ability to manifest.

Every chakra has a different influence and effect upon the mind and the body and aids different manifesting efforts, however, the root chakra is the core manifestation chakra – it will help you to manifest abundance, money and your dream lifestyle.

This chakra is the grounding force which will help you to connect to the earth energies wider energy around us that we all share. Once you have a closer link with the outside energy (with the universe) like this, then manifesting becomes much more natural - especially manifesting key things in your life - your actual lifestyle, relationships, employment and your living situation.

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The root chakra (the manifestation chakra!) will help you to create your life how you want it - use this album to heal your root chakra and ensure that it is functioning at full strength so that your manifestations are natural!

Script Used in Root Chakra Subliminal Recording

  • I am opening my root chakra
  • I am healing my root chakra
  • I am balancing my root chakra
  • My root chakra is healthy
  • My root chakra is functioning at 100%
  • My root chakra is open
  • My root chakra is balanced
  • My root chakra is healthy
  • My root chakra is helping me to manifest
  • I am connected to the earth energy through my root chakra
  • I am connected to the universe through my root chakra
  • I manifest naturally
  • I am manifesting abundance and money
  • I am manifesting my dream lifestyle
  • I am manifesting through my root chakra