Crown Chakra

Open up your crown chakra - the chakra responsible for your spiritual development and connection to the higher divine and the universe inside and around us - with this unique subliminal cd.

Crown Chakra CD Album Cover

Spiritual development doesn't happen by accident, you need to pursue it, you need to focus your thoughts on this higher goal. The subliminal messages on this album target your subconscious mind to help you to focus on exactly this. Your thoughts will realign and you will start to think more about their true meaning and experience higher development.

The Crown Chakra...

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head, i.e. on the crown of your scalp. It is linked to the color violet and it is the chakra which connects you to the divine and the universe itself.

Not all of us are looking, but for those who are looking for something higher, contemplating our place in the universe, our meaning in life and how we can spiritually develop ourselves - we are working on our crown chakra.

Our crown chakra is the highest energetically, of the chakras - and it goes both ways - when you ponder and pursue your own spiritual development you are opening your crown chakra, but also - as you open your crown chakra, you are more able to develop yourself spiritually.

Enhance Your Spiritual Development...

This is how this album can help - it can help you to open up faster and more naturally. It will help you to open up your crown chakra so that you can develop spiritually.

You will notice that:

  • You are able to focus, concentrate and meditate to a deeper level. Your thoughts will slow and you will find you are aware of your thoughts and of your mind much more clearly.
  • You find the answers to questions within yourself. If you are searching and asking questions then if your chakra is closed, the answers just don't come and you keep looking - but with an open crown chakra, you find answers coming from within.
  • You enter a greater state of simple peace. When you are at peace you are able to contemplate things without emotion, without getting caught up and living the experience - you can think objectively and see things how they really are.
  • You are more connected to the universe. You will feel at one within yourself and with the universe, the divine and develop an attitude more of "one consciousness" rather than thinking of yourself and your physical problems.

What to Expect

Ultimately this album will help you to open your mind, to think differently and to focus your mind on your own higher and spiritual development.

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Download this subliminal mp3 today and start to target your mind and crown chakra with subtle subliminal messages to help open it and enhance your mind.

Script Used in Crown Chakra Subliminal Recording

  • I am opening my crown chakra
  • I am healing my crown chakra
  • I am balancing my crown chakra
  • My crown chakra is healthy
  • My crown chakra is functioning at 100%
  • My crown chakra is open
  • My crown chakra is balanced
  • My crown chakra is healthy
  • My crown chakra is helping me to manifest
  • I am connected to the universe through my crown chakra
  • I am connected to the divine through my crown chakra
  • I am connected to higher energy through my crown chakra
  • I am developing spiritually
  • My crown chakra is healthy and it is helping my spiritual development
  • My crown chakra is helping me to develop spiritually
  • I am at peace and my thoughts are clear
  • I can focus and concentrate naturally
  • I concentrate and meditate to a deeper level
  • The answers are within me