How to Manifest Your Ideas into Matter through Balancing Your Chakras

Have you ever considered the possibility that something within you isn’t quite aligned, and is putting a big brake on your manifesting?

Most manifestation-type books and courses offer a simplistic formula that focus on only one aspect of your being, but putting your chakras back to balance addresses virtually all of them – and allows you to harness the manifesting capacities you have within each part of you!

Now, in order to do so, you need to know what each of the 7 major chakras is responsible for, and where exactly your ideas may be blocked from manifesting into matter. So here we go.

Crown Chakra

This is the place the ideas reach you first. By balancing this chakra, you cultivate a receptive state and open yourself up to the guidance that’s already available to you – if you’re ready to take it.

If this chakra is closed or out of balance, you’re probably unable to clarify your intentions, or to zero in on the ideas that hold the most meaning to you, so you get easily distracted and persuaded that you should pursue the goals which aren’t aligned with your authentic desires.

Third Eye Chakra

This is where you start integrating and processing ideas that reached you – with a fully functional third eye chakra you’re able to trust your intuition to decide what ideas you should and shouldn’t act on.

If blocked, you don’t trust the idea, you’re doubtful about whether or not it’s the path you should follow, and even if you make a decision, you don’t trust it can manifest – so you’re blocking the very idea of manifesting at the core level.

Throat Chakra

This chakra, when in balance, enables you to effectively communicate your vision to others, to enroll and inspire them into your vision. You’re no longer prone to let the idea die because of the discouraging remarks (which is what gets most ideas killed) – instead, you can use the feedback you get to maximize the creative process and further refine your intentions.

Heart Chakra

Heart chakra is the center of relationships, and when in balance you’re equipped to cultivate the most important relationships in your life, those that can grow into a supportive network for your visionary process.

Solar Plexus (Naval) Chakra

Now, this is where the action happens! If your upper chakras have “done the job” and you’re confident that you should act on the idea, with the people you can count on to make it happen, a balanced solar plexus chakra allows you to make the idea your reality, with no doubt it will manifest.

If blocked or out of balance, the action will never happen because you feel powerless and frustrated, unable to stay focused and to move beyond just dreaming and visioning.

Sacral Chakra

When the idea descends the sacral chakra, it goes through the final reality check. It either blocks you from manifesting it (by bringing up the questions like “Do I have what it takes” and doubts), or enables you to activate what brings you the most pleasure and use that energy to move forward.

This chakra is what helps you make the manifestation process a fun and joyful (instead of painful and filled with struggle) experience – its creative energy enables you to call in what you need in each moment and make course-corrections that you feel good about.

Root Chakra

Finally, this is where the idea is born into the physical world. Blocked, it makes us more prone to the limiting beliefs of our nation, parents, ethnicity… and we get anxious and worried about our idea.

But when the root chakra is in balance, you feel secure and confident about “giving birth” to your idea, you’re able to complete each step and task, and – most important – to receive what you have created, and enjoy the results!

Basically, by balancing all of your chakras you become able to manifest naturally and smoothly. This is especially important if what you want to manifest is something really big and has a lot of steps to it – and just imagine how much of a child’s play would be to manifest your smaller dreams!