Are Subliminal Messages the Right Tool for You?

Our website is all about subliminal messages – we obviously believe in them and that’s why we do it, but we get a lot of questions from people who’ve never used them before and who have heard some bits and pieces of information, wondering if they will work for them.

Some expect a magic pill. Some don’t believe they work at all.

And some have used them and seen tremendous benefits from them (just take a look at our Testimonials page).

But will they work for YOU?

The truth is: it depends.

What do you expect from them?

If you want to quit smoking, play our Stop Smoking subliminal album and keep lighting one cigarette after another – they won’t.

Subliminal messages don’t do brainwash, if that’s what you were hoping for :) But they do stimulate. And here’s the difference:

Our choices depend on what we consciously decide. Much of conscious decisions are driven by our unconscious (when we act out of some unconscious fear, for example), but our conscious mind is the one that acts.

If we want to make some change in our lives, we’ll need to focus our conscious efforts, as well as our unconscious thoughts, towards bringing that change about.

With the cigarettes, subliminal messages will stimulate your desire to stop smoking, they will support your conscious decision and help you overcome crises when they arise.

The power that subliminals have is really helping you get back your own power

Our established beliefs, often negative and limiting, and often difficult to identify, are something that’s not that easy to overcome. Subliminals are designed to help you change these beliefs and to motivate you to work harder on changing them consciously.

Instead of expecting them to be the Harry Potter’s wand, try imagining them as someone who’s always on your side, cheering for you, making you feel like you can do it – making you believe it more and more.

The trick is, they enter straight into your subconscious, planting positive beliefs about your ability to do something, about your self-worth, increasing your interest in something... But if you really want to experience the benefit, it’s still you who have to work on it.

Only now, with this subliminal support, it won’t be as difficult :)

Different areas require different approaches

If you take a look at all of our subliminals, you’ll see that we have them in very different areas: personal development, motivation, weight loss, learning aid, law of attraction, relationships, mental exercises, money mastery, confidence, addiction treatment, health improvement...

It’s possible however to group them into three main categories:

1. Subliminals aiming to help you overcome some long established limiting and self-defeating beliefs (like our Confidence album , or Release your inhibitions , or overcoming approach anxiety ...)

The messages on these albums are chosen to target some deeply rooted thinking patterns which affect the way you view yourself. It usually takes longer to experience the full benefit of these albums, but the first effects are visible very soon, and with constant use they really have the power to transform your self-image and the way you interact with others, from the inside.

2. Subliminals designed to motivate you to work harder on adopting a new skill or habit (like our language learning albums, or Organization skills, for example).

These should be used if you’re planning to learn something new, and need additional motivation and something to help you maintain a positive attitude. With these especialy, you have to keep in mind that you won’t just wake up one morning and speak French like you were born in France – but they will make learning French fun and easy.

3. Subliminals aiming to help you totally focus on the goal you’ve set (ex: our Law of attraction albums, or Money mastery)

With these areas, subliminals work to help you remain focused – we all get distracted so we tend to put aside some important goals (sometimes until forever) in order to perform our day-to-day activities. With subliminals, you’re basically making sure that the goal is always present in your mind, that you’re not overlooking any opportunities to reach it, and that you stay motivated to see it through.

If you take time to understand what you can expect from them, subliminals can be a fantastic tool for changing the areas of life you’re not happy with.

So will they work for you?

That’s something only you know. But we’re here to help as much as we can :)