Millionaire Mindset

Develop the mindset of a millionaire - start to think like a millionaire and become one yourself with this unique subliminal messaging album!

Millionaire Mindset CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to become a millionaire?
  • Do you wonder how some people are able to make large amounts of money time and time again?
  • Do you wonder what the difference is between you and these millionaires?

Wealthy people and millionaires all share a set of character traits which make them successful - it is likely that you already share some of these - for example if you are on this page you probably have a deep desire to make a LOT of money for yourself, but you need to share several of these character traits and beliefs to become a millionaire.

Our album might sound too good to be true, but it is not designed to make you rich overnight - if you are looking for a quick fix then this album is not for you. This album is designed to replace the negative or limiting thoughts you have in your mind, with beliefs and thoughts common to most millionaires. So if you want to think like a millionaire then this album will help you do exactly that - and it is only once you change your internal thought processes and start thinking like a millionaire, that you will start acting like one and once you do this, it is only a matter of time before the money follows too.

This album will change your thought processes to help you:

  • Develop a burning desire to make large amounts of money.
  • Acquire a belief that you deserve to make lots of money.
  • Keep an unshakable positive and overly optimistic attitude.
  • Develop a "work hard and go all out attitude" to ensure you get what you want.
  • See failure as a learning experience which only makes you more driven and motivated.
  • Become more determined and driven if people are negative towards you or your ideas.
  • Enjoy and thrive on taking calculated risks.
  • Live for the challenge in life.
  • Aim for the top levels of success in your financial pursuits.
  • See the opportunity in everything.
  • Take action immediately; without any hesitation - as soon as you have made a decision.
  • Stick to your decisions and always get what you want, due to a strong desire for success and rock solid self-belief.

This album shouldn't be listened to lightly - it is only intended for people who want to make dramatic changes to their internal belief systems.

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This album is right for you, if you are prepared to dramatically change the way you think and act. It will have a gradual, but a strong cumulative effect - ultimately transforming your mindset to that of a millionaire, which will attract the money and the lifestyle to match!

Script Used in Millionaire Mindset Subliminal Recording

  • I have a burning desire to make money
  • I will make over a million dollars
  • I will be extremely wealthy
  • I deserve to be rich
  • I deserve to make a million dollars
  • I have every right to make large amounts of money
  • I am positive at all times
  • I have an unshakable optimistic attitude
  • I work hard at all times to get what I want
  • I go all out for success
  • I am always learning from my actions
  • I learn from every action
  • I become more and more determined at any setback
  • I respond to negativity with more drive and determination
  • I am driven and motivated in the face of negativity
  • I thrive under pressure
  • I always aim for the top
  • I always take action as soon as possible
  • I always act in the moment
  • I enjoy a challenge
  • I live for a challenge in life
  • I enjoy taking risks
  • Bigger risks lead to bigger rewards
  • I stick to my decision at all times
  • I always follow my plans through to completion
  • I have solid belief in my decisions
  • I am a millionaire