Law of Attraction

Skyrocket your manifesting results - align your subconscious mind for success with the universal energy and law of attraction, manifest what you truly want with help of our powerful subliminal messages.

Law of Attraction CD Album Cover

The Law of Attraction states that people experience physical and mental manifestations that correspond to their most frequent and powerful thoughts, feelings, words, and actions - which make their dominant energy vibration, and that people therefore have direct control over their circumstances and reality through thought alone. i.e. "what you think and how you feel create your experience." Or whatever you truly want, you can manifest in your reality using the power of a focused thought.

People have used the law of attraction to manifest money, power, friends, relationships, sexual partners, and dramatic changes in their circumstances. Whether you choose to manifest a loving partner or to make your business succeed, anything is possible if you can consistently use the power of your mind to manifest what you want - to just naturally make things happen!

Don't know how exactly to manifest your desire?

What it is that you want?

Sometimes, we desire things that we don't really believe we can have or make happen. The energy of our thoughts, the way we feel about it, it's just not aligned with that we think we want, so what's really happening when we try to manifest such things is that we consciously say "yes, I want that", but our unconscious (which makes around 9/10 of who we are) screams "Noooooo, I don't want that under any circumstances!"

In most cases our subconscious is afraid of what might happen if we got what we "want", or for some reason it doesn't believe it would be good for us if that particular desire came to be.

So in order to manifest what we are consciously certain we want, we need to make sure our subconscious is ready to focus its energy in the same direction.

This powerful subliminal album works by making your subconscious aware and alert to the law of attraction too - so not only are your conscious thoughts, actions and behaviors all working towards your goals with the law of attraction, but your subconscious, your entire being is focused on manifesting too - boosting the energy you are directing to manifest your wishes and maximizing the returns!

Here's how this album will help your manifesting. It will:

  • Reprogram your mind to follow your desires and learn how to use the law of attraction - but first of all, learn to trust the process and your ability to make it all happen!
  • Align your unconscious with your specific wants and desires from the law of attraction.
  • Remove any mental barriers to your success and keep negative energy / thoughts away.
  • Reprogram your mind into a positive state, which is an optimal state for successful and natural manifesting.
  • Focus you into a strong state of belief - belief that you will make the law of attraction and the Universe work for you and achieve your dreams and everything you desire. You will simply KNOW that whatever you want, it's within your power to make it real!
  • Subliminally charge yourself into an optimum permanent state of motivation to manifest your desires in line with the law of attraction.
  • Help you feel good at all times, increasing your energy levels and your natural manifesting capacity.

If you have been trying to use the law of attraction to bring your dreams into reality without any results, then our subliminal mp3s will help you; it will bring the infinite power of your unconscious to your manifesting efforts to make you MUCH MORE likely to achieve your intended results - and confidently manifest what you want, with almost no effort!

If you really want to create physical results with the law of attraction you NEED to have your unconscious mind behind you 100%! Our subliminal messaging mp3s will turbo boost your ability to manifest. You will have the three necessary ingredients for natural manifesting: conscious thought, physical actions, and SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts. You will experience manifestations sooner and in MUCH GREATER ABUNDANCE!

Play the audio, sit back and let the law of attraction do its magic.

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Change your energy TODAY! Use our album to gain maximum results from the law of attraction, feel good all the time, manifest everything that you want and just let the Universe deliver - every time!

Script Used in Law Of Attraction Subliminal Recording to help you manifest what you want:

  • The law of attraction is working for me every day
  • I have the power to attract whatever I wish into my life
  • The law of attraction works
  • I can have anything I desire
  • I can realize my dreams
  • I can achieve whatever I set my mind to
  • Positive thoughts attract positive circumstances
  • My mind can bring my desires into existence
  • My dreams will manifest into my reality
  • I am attracting money into my life
  • I am attracting power into my life
  • I am attracting strong relationships into my life
  • I am attracting strong friendships into my life
  • I am attracting love into my life
  • I am attracting sexual partners into my life
  • I am attracting business opportunities into my life
  • I am attracting business success into my life
  • I am attracting happiness into my life
  • I am attracting positivity into my life
  • I am attracting abundance into my life
  • I am attracting financial success into my life