Approach Anxiety

Overcome your approach anxiety and approach women naturally and confidently, with this powerful subliminal audio album.

Approach Anxiety CD Album Cover
  • Do you hesitate when you want to approach a woman?
  • Do you worry about being rejected if you approach a girl?
  • Do you worry about what other people think when you approach a girl?
  • Do you ever feel sick in the stomach or have a physical feeling come over you and stop you from approaching that girl?

We all get approach anxiety from time to time, a feeling of nerves when approaching - or considering approaching a woman - a potential partner. A little approach anxiety can be a good thing, but it can also get out of control.

It is natural to feel some nerves when talking or approaching a new girl for the first time, but when these nerves become crippling, overpowering feelings then it becomes a problem.

If you don' t take action against your approach anxiety then in the short term it gets worse - you get more and more inside your head, you "beat yourself up" and feel bad about yourself. In the long run, it leaves you frustrated, depressed and will really limit your potential to meet women and enjoy life on a basic level.

If you can overcome your approach anxiety it is like living a whole new life. Your head is not weighed down by worry, your self-belief grows and as you effortlessly and naturally approach women and start conversations, your love life will greatly improve too.

This is where our album can help. Some people have a natural confidence with women. They approach women naturally and this is because they have a different way of viewing approaching women and experience approach anxiety differently. Instead of it crippling them, it spurs them on. They get excited by it rather than freeze up - their initial nerves and anxiety let them know that they are attracted to a woman and this acts as a trigger to take action.

Our album will rewire your mind - your self-beliefs and patterns of thinking - to work in the same way as these "naturals". It will:

  • Make you excited rather than nervous when you want to approach a girl.
  • Make approaching a girl feel normal and just something you do naturally.
  • Rewire the way you react to a beautiful woman - and women in general.
  • Make you calm and confident when you want to approach a girl.
  • Stop you thinking of the negative and focus you on the positives of approaching that girl.
  • Make you enjoy the initial feelings of approach anxiety and for them to spur you on, rather than them stopping you from approaching.

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This album will essentially change the entire way you react when you encounter those feelings of approach anxiety. Turn approach anxiety into excitement, with help from these subliminal messages and change your life with women forever!

Script Used in Approach Anxiety Subliminal Recording

  • I love approaching women
  • It is natural for me to approach beautiful women
  • Approaching women is my natural right
  • I feel calm and confident when approaching a new girl
  • I am calm and confident at all times around women
  • Women feel my confidence
  • I enjoy approaching women
  • I am naturally social and outgoing
  • Women enjoy it when I approach them
  • Women are naturally attracted to me
  • Approaching women comes naturally to me
  • I approach a girl as soon as I see her
  • I am always accepted when I approach a girl
  • I always take action and approach an attractive girl straight away
  • I get excited when I see an attractive woman
  • I am confident and relaxed when talking to a new woman
  • I feel comfortable to just be myself around women