Stop Comfort Eating

Stop your comfort eating habit at the source with our powerful subliminal messages - re-program your mind to free yourself from your comfort eating and lose weight!

Stop Comfort Eating CD Album Cover
  • Do you comfort eat when you feel down?
  • Do you reach for the chocolate or sweets after a tough day?
  • Do you eat out of boredom?
  • Does a meal full of fat comfort you when you are upset?

Comfort eating can take many forms, it is often surrounded in denial, but comfort eating is a natural response - all of us do it to some extent. Food is comforting, this is a fact and it can help us to enjoy a nice meal and forget about our troubles.

However, if you are reading this page then it is likely that your comfort eating has gone beyond normal levels - it is getting out of control and holding you back in life; making you fat (or keeping you fat), negatively impacting your health and ironically making you more depressed and trapping you in a spiral of comfort eating.

This doesn't have to be the case forever. Our subliminal audio can help you. It will send powerful subliminal messages into your mind to rewire the way your mind works:

  • The way you think about food will change - you won't see it as a solution to your distress.
  • You will be more aware and more in control of your emotional eating - your mental strength and your willpower will increase, as you start to think more logically and rationally.
  • You will stop seeing food in such a positive light and see the rational side of how it is making the situation worse and holding you back in life.
  • You will start to control your emotions and look for more positive ways of releasing them.

Some people handle stress and difficult situations better than others - some people don't even consider eating chocolate or a fatty meal as a response - they don't view food like this and get rid of their tensions in other ways.

This album will work to turn you into one of these people too - it is all down to having the right mindset and our subliminal suggestions will change your beliefs and thoughts about food on an unconscious level.

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Take the first step towards a new, healthier and slimmer life with this subliminal album and take control of your comfort eating today!

Script Used in Stop Comfort Eating Subliminal Recording

  • I eat only when I am hungry
  • I am responsible with food
  • I think rationally about food
  • I am strong against food temptations
  • I resist fatty foods when tempted
  • I resist sweet foods when tempted
  • I can go without snacking
  • I only eat at regular meal times
  • I am in full control of my emotions
  • I take control of my emotions
  • I release any negative emotions in a positive way
  • I always find a healthy outlet for my stress and frustrations
  • I take a logical approach to my diet
  • I only eat foods that are good for me
  • I respect and value my body and my health
  • I enjoy being slim and healthy
  • I am in full control of my eating habits