Stop Being Mr Nice

Get yourself out of the friendship zone and firmly into the dating zone and allow subliminal messaging to help you stop being Mr Nice with women!

Stop Being Mr Nice CD Album Cover
  • Do you always find that women see you as a friend rather than a potential relationship option?
  • Do you find it difficult to make romantic advances?
  • Do you wish that you could be clearer about your feelings towards women?
  • Do you want to stop being Mr Nice and increase your chances of getting the girl?

Being referred to as “Mr Nice” usually does not lead to a successful relationship, you do not often actually get the girl by being this way.

This album will completely rewire the way you approach dating and act around women. If you step back and look at your dating life you will see a pattern - and this pattern starts in your own mind, in your beliefs and in your approach to dating and how you act.

Once you change your behavior and stop being Mr Nice, then you will have very different results and much more success with women!

Imagine how much more successful with women you could be if you stopped being Mr Nice. You would be able to approach women with a specific goal of showing them that you are interested rather than being just friends, you would be able to express your feelings much more openly and directly, you would make a better first impression with women and they would see you as much more honest. Most importantly, women would see you differently from the beginning and you would not simply be cast aside.

Our Stop Being Mr Nice album is not about being mean or becoming a "bad boy".

It is simply going to help you to stop supplicating, stop getting walked over, stop getting put in the friend zone by helping you to become more assertive, confident to express your real intent ,to help you to go for what you want with confidence and get it - to become the guy who gets the girl rather than the guy who gets put in the friend zone.

This album will allow you to become much more successful with women by:

  • Giving you the confidence to approach women with confident, assertive and relaxed sexual intent. When you can approach confidently like this you start off on a good note, you are not supplicating and you are expressing your desires as a man straight away. You are not Mr Nice and you will be seen as much more attractive. This is important - to start off as you mean to go on.
  • Allowing you to simply be more honest with women and do this in the most natural way possible. Women love honesty and if they feel that you have been honest with them from the start, you are much more likely to get the girl or enter into a relationship.
  • Become more assertive. Mr Nice isn't assertive, he doesn't say what is on his mind and he doesn't persist sexually. He is pushed over, walked over and put in the friend zone. Men who are seen as relationship material, as boyfriends, as simply attractive are much more assertive, they don't overextend themselves doing favours and errands, they don't supplicate to whatever a woman wants - they are confident to just be themselves and their assertiveness is an attractive quality.

Overall this album will simply make it natural to you to express your intent.

The number one reason men get put into the friend zone or seen as Mr Nice is because they don't express their actual intent early on. They circle around the girl as a friend. This album will help you to stop this immediately.

You will express yourself, you will make a move you will simply go for what you want with physical action and honest expression of your desires.

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Get your act together - make a change within your own mind today, which will change your results with women and in dating forever!

Script Used in Stop Being Mr Nice Subliminal Recording

  • I am a confident man and women find me attractive
  • I find it easy to express myself and my sexual intent to women
  • I am naturally confident and assertive with women
  • Women see my assertiveness as an attractive quality
  • I am seen as an attractive man
  • I am confident and outgoing with women
  • I go for the woman I want with an honest and confident attitude
  • I enjoy speaking honestly to women and expressing my intent
  • I can confidently approach a woman
  • Approaching a woman and being open from the start is natural to me
  • When I approach a woman I am confident, assertive and honest about my intentions
  • Women make me want to express my feelings and desires
  • I am honest with women from the beginning
  • I can clearly express my feelings
  • I am seen as attractive because of my confidence and expressive attitude
  • I get the girl because I express myself from day one
  • I deserve beautiful women because I am a naturally confident man