Become A Pickup Artist

Learn How To Be A Pickup Artist; Learn to approach and attract the women you dream of with our mind penetrating subliminal mp3 album!

Become A Pickup Artist CD Album Cover
  • Do you really want to learn how to be a pickup artist?
  • Do you dream of having an abundance of women?
  • Do you experience "approach anxiety" or get nervous and stuck inside your thoughts when trying to pick-up women?
  • Are you not achieving your potential or struggling to attract and 'close' with women?

Perhaps you want to start on the path to becoming a pickup artist? Or maybe you are already on your journey and want to ensure your success?

We all feel nervous when meeting women but to become a pickup artist and really have total choice with women, will take a lot of dedication, willpower and focus on your goal to achieve success.

Many people start to approach women but give up when they realize how hard it can be or when their egos get bruised. Our subliminal mp3 album is designed to strengthen your mind, to ensure your success as a pickup artist.

To give you confidence and self-belief, to reduce the anxiety you feel and ultimately become a pickup artist.

This album will help you to:

  • Acquire the mental state and qualities which differentiate the top pickup artists from the people who don't make it.
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-belief so that you can attract beautiful women, that you do deserve them and you will become a pickup artist.
  • Help reduce your approach anxiety when meeting new women.
  • Bring your natural self and charisma to the surface.
  • Be yourself and think and act freely in the moment.
  • Become more assertive and dominant, both directly with women and in general social situations.
  • Project the feeling that you are the prize and any woman would be lucky to be with you.
  • Keep a positive state of mind and a playful, friendly, high energy attitude at all times.

This subliminal mp3 album will target your unconscious mind to ensure you are 100% focused on becoming a top-level pickup artist, however, it is not a magic pill - you will not magically turn into a pickup artist overnight.

You will still have to work hard and approach LOTS of women, but this album will give you the confidence to do so and boost your strength of mind, to give you the best chance of achieving your goal.

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If you want an instant fix without having to talk to any women then this subliminal mp3 album is not for you. If you are serious about transforming your life and gaining success with women, then this album will ensure that your subconscious mind is aligned to your conscious goal of becoming a pickup artist so that nothing will hold you back!

Buy this album today and achieve your dreams of abundance and choice with beautiful women!

Script Used in Become A Pickup Artist Subliminal Recording

  • I am a pickup artist
  • Women are naturally attracted to me
  • I enjoy talking to women
  • I approach women without thought
  • I approach women effortlessly
  • I approach women naturally
  • Women enjoy talking to me
  • Women find me unique
  • I am the prize
  • Women are lucky to be with me
  • I enjoy picking up women
  • I always give value to a woman
  • I can attract beautiful women
  • I attract women of high value
  • High-value women are interested in me
  • My natural charisma shows when talking to women
  • I am comfortable being myself
  • I always act in the moment
  • I am dominant
  • I am dominant with women
  • I am assertive with women
  • I am assertive in all situations
  • I always say whats on my mind
  • I am always positive
  • I am playful and fun
  • I am a higher energy at all times.