Sales Success Skills

Rewire your brain for total sales success, and become a top sales performer with the help of our powerful subliminal messaging mp3s and CD.

Sales Success Skills CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to become the top sales person in your company?
  • Do you want a career in sales?
  • Have you just started a career in sales and want to get to the top as quickly as possible?
  • Do you have an inconsistent sales record? Sometimes you can be on fire and other times not sell at all?
  • Would you like to be more consistent and sell much more often?

If you are in sales then you understand that making successful sales is a mindset. Some people consistently make massive amounts of sales (and commission), while others struggle to get any interest at all. The difference between these two types of people is all within their minds and their beliefs.

Top sales people are driven and motivated, animated, enthusiastic, PERSISTENT, self CONFIDENT, loud, sometimes arrogant, fearless in the face of rejection and focused on success. They have a firm self-belief - they KNOW that they will sell, they see the positive in everything - they see objections as "buying signals in disguise". Successful sales people transfer their energy into the sales pitch, they create URGENCY, excitement in the product/service and a desire to buy NOW and of course, they CLOSE the deal.

Sales is a skill; you can develop and improve yourself and increase your sales skills. Our subliminal messages are designed to target your unconscious mind to blow away any negative or limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your sales abilities and to inject into your mind the positive, empowering beliefs that are common to all successful salespeople.

You will:

  • Become self CONFIDENT and believe in your ability to sell, you will simply KNOW that you are going to sell.
  • Eliminate any negative and limiting beliefs you have in your ability to sell, so that nothing will hold you back.
  • Become more PERSISTENT in chasing the sale, you will not give up at the first objection, but you will give every pitch your total commitment and push it to its limit.
  • Become more motivated, ambitious and driven than ever. You will see your future self as the top performing sales person you want to be and never stop working hard towards that goal. Inject your personality into all of your sales pitches, create enthusiasm, interest and rapport with your prospect which will ensure you get more interest and more sales!
  • Eliminate "off days" and develop CONSISTENCY to sell regularly.
  • Create a sense of urgency with every pitch, so you won't keep getting hung up on or being told to call back. They will hear from your words and the tone of your voice that it is important and they will know that they NEED to speak to you now.
  • Have total confidence to CLOSE every time, you will be calm and flow into the close naturally, with total belief that they are going to BUY!

If you want to be decent at sales or to improve your sales a little then please exit now, this album is not for you!

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What to Expect

This album is for people who want to take sales seriously! If you want to reach the top, if you want to always be in the group of top performers, if you want to rise up the career ladder of sales, if you want to manage sales teams, if you want to make massive amounts of commission and money for yourself, if you want to do everything possible to achieve success in sales then THIS ALBUM IS FOR YOU!

Use our subliminal mp3s to align your unconscious mind towards sales success, outperform your colleagues and become a sales star! Buy this album now and start creating your new future today!

Script Used in Sales Success Skills Subliminal Recording

  • I am confident in my sales skills
  • I always sell
  • I sell consistently
  • I close the sale consistently
  • I am very persistent in chasing the sale
  • I am always persistent
  • I am persistent under all circumstances
  • My persistence is limitless
  • I always push the interaction to its limit
  • I am motivated to achieve the highest level of success in sales
  • I want to lead and inspire people in sales
  • People look up to me in terms of sales success
  • I will reach the top of the sales ladder
  • My personality shines through in my sales pitches
  • I always create enthusiasm with my clients
  • I create a sense of urgency in my product
  • My rapport skills are excellent
  • I always create rapport with my clients
  • I am always positive
  • I am always consistent in my calls
  • My tone of voice is excellent
  • My voice is assertive and dominant
  • I am confident to attempt to close each sale
  • I always close confidently