Learn Russian

Learn to speak Russian much faster and easier with our mind-expanding "Learn Russian" subliminal mp3 album!

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Do you want to learn to speak Russian?

Russian is a very complex language! Many people start to learn with good intentions but never become fluent due to the complexity of the language and the difficulty involved.

However, learning Russian doesn't have to feel impossible! Our subliminal mp3 album is designed to help you acquire the Russian language naturally, by rewiring your brain to process the information more efficiently. Here is how it will help you:

  • Boost your memory & recall, information retention, writing, reading and overall comprehension of the Russian language.
  • Improve your ability to speak Russian correctly and help enhance your pronunciation skills.
  • Speed up the whole process of learning Russian.
  • Develop all of the neural pathways in your brain, which are used when processing new language based information.

Some people seem to pick up new languages effortlessly. This is not because they are any more intelligent than you, but because their brains are “wired” differently – often due to a childhood surrounded by different cultures and languages, which can make learning a new language more natural to them.

Our powerful subliminal mp3 album is designed to allow you to pick up new languages just as these “naturals” do, by reprogramming your mind to work in the same way.

Unlike other learn to speak Russian CDs our album does not feature repeat after me type tuition. It simply stimulates the area of the brain responsible for language acquisition – although you will not consciously hear any voices, the subliminal messages will go straight to your mind to enhance your ability to learn Russian.

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You do not have to struggle to learn Russian anymore! Accelerate your learning with our powerful subliminal mp3 album so you can really experience Russian culture!

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Script Used in Learn Russian Subliminal Recording

  • I want to learn Russian
  • I study hard
  • I can learn Russian
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  • I am finding it easy to learn Russian
  • My memory is excellent
  • I process information efficiently
  • I find it easy to concentrate and study
  • I can speak Russian fluently
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  • I easily remember new information
  • I acquire new languages easily
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  • My pronunciation is improving