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Do you have scripts for the albums?

Yes, at the bottom of each individual product page you will find the script for that album. This script is the complete set of affirmations used on the album.

How are the affirmations split between the tracks?

The positive affirmations we use on our albums are split between the first three tracks, therefore the full subliminal album is contained within these first 3 tracks. We recommend listening to at least tracks 1-3 to get the benefit of the subliminal messages in their entirety.

We use approximately 10 affirmations on each track and you can see the script of the affirmations we use at the bottom of each specific product page. Our 4th and silent track contains key subliminal messages from the first 3 tracks - but not all of them - so it is still recommended to listen to the first three tracks and not just the 4th track.

What techniques do you use on your albums?

NLP: We have designed each subliminal suggestion on our albums according to the principles of NLP. Amongst the NLP techniques we use are: Anchoring, Re-framing, Creating Positivity and Positive Distortion, Accelerated Learning, NLP Influence and Persuasion, Positive Distortion, Conditioning, and the use of Positive Affirmations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: We also use the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in some of our albums - for instance when dealing with behavioral disorders or phobias. This type of therapy works by enabling you to recognize your limiting thought patterns and to change negative thoughts into positive ones to overcome your problem.

Future and Present Tense Statements

We use a mixture of present tense and future tense statements. Here are a couple of examples:

Future Tense: I will become confident.

Present Tense: I am confident.

Generally, the stronger statement is the present tense statement because if ONLY the future tense is used, then you can get stuck in a pattern of trying to reach a goal without ever getting there. However, if ONLY present tense statements are used, then you may not be as motivated and driven as you would with a future tense message. You may get lazy as you have already reached your goal and may not strive to succeed as you should.

For this reason, we use both future and present tense statements.

How long does each album last?

All of our albums contain 3x 10-minute tracks with ocean / nature sounds and 1x 10-minute silent track, for a total playing time of 40 minutes.

We usually use between 20-30 different affirmations. These are split between the first 3 tracks. So to get the full experience and maximum benefit from the album we recommend listening to at least tracks 1-3 in full.

The 4th track (the silent track) contains some of the key affirmations from across the first 3 tracks. It is a condensed version that you can listen to anywhere anytime without being distracted. You can even put it on repeat while you sleep and we have a lot of people who use our albums in this way and report fantastic results.