FAQ › How To Listen

How often should I listen to the album?

We recommend listening to the album at least once per day at first - ideally when you are in a relaxed state of mind. However, we designed our albums so that you can listen multiple times; you can play it constantly in the background for a few hours while you work and you will still receive the benefits.

There is no right, wrong or best way to listen - everyone is different, so you need to find out what fits your lifestyle and works best for you personally.

Do I need to use headphones?

Headphones are optional but not required when listening to our albums. Generally, headphones are required with a hypnosis CD as different suggestions are sent to different ears as part of the trance-inducing process. However, with subliminal messaging a trance state is not entered and therefore the use of headphones is entirely a personal preference.

Can I play the album while I sleep?

Whilst sleeping, studies have shown that the brain is most receptive to new information. The conscious mind is at rest and easier access is gained to the sub-conscious. While sleeping you process any new information you encountered during the day and it is further stored within your subconscious mind, so yes, subliminal sleep learning is possible!