Say Yes More

Say yes more and become more open to new opportunities and turn your life into an adventure with these subliminal messages.

Say Yes More CD Album Cover
  • Do you often say no to a new invitation?
  • Are you known for turning your friends down?
  • Are you spending more time on your own even when there are people you can be socializing with?
  • Do you find that you "can't really be bothered"?
  • Do you make excuses as for why you can't go out or do an activity?

If you can see yourself in any of the above situations then life is passing you by. If you live your whole life like this you will have very limited experiences. Perhaps you will miss out on a lot of opportunities you would have encountered if you had just said yes more.

When you say yes and make a commitment to do something, it energizes you. Not only that but you find yourself in a new situation. You may learn something interesting, have a different experience, meet some new people, perhaps even a partner or someone who will play a significant part in your life. None of this can happen if you say no to an invitation. Saying yes means you become open to opportunities!

Just starting to say yes more may start a chain reaction. You may find yourself in a new environment or meet some people who lead you to something else. Life can be an adventure if you just open up to it and say yes to opportunity!

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If you want to make this change in your life - if you want to start living life rather than letting it pass you by, then our subliminal messages can help. They will enter your subconscious mind to fire you up to take hold of your life. You will want to say yes more. You will want new experiences - to go to new places, to meet new people. You can snap out of your negative state with our subliminal album - you can say yes more; say yes to life!

Script Used in This Say Yes More Subliminal Recording

  • I always say yes
  • I say yes to life
  • I say yes to new opportunities
  • I am always open to new experiences
  • I say yes to social events
  • I say yes to invitations
  • I seek out new opportunities
  • I always say yes to a new experience
  • I live life to the full
  • I want to meet new people
  • I want to visit new places
  • I want to say yes to life