Attract Health

Attract health with our unique subliminal messages based on principles of the law of attraction for health.

Attract Health CD Album Cover
  • Are you recovering from an illness?
  • Are you prone to getting ill or picking up injuries?
  • Do you want vibrant health in abundance for life?

If you are sick of being ill and want to enjoy your life in full health, then this album will help you. It is not a substitute for medical care or visiting a doctor and you will probably not recover or have vibrant health forever just by just listening once. However, with continued use it will align your mind and your thoughts to create a healthy mind and body.

This album works by principles of the law of attraction, like our core law of attraction CD, except that this album specifically focuses your mind and thoughts upon your health. It will focus you on living a full and healthy life, recovering fast from illnesses, having a strong and resistant immune system and upon staying healthy and avoiding illness in the future.

Those who are successful with the law of attraction fully believe in it. They don't have any negative thoughts or disbelief to hold them back. They KNOW that whatever they focus on they will attract into their life. This is the only way to be successful with the law of attraction - with a complete belief and a strong synchronization between your thoughts, your subconscious mind and your actions.

Even if you are consciously thinking and acting in line with the law of attraction, there will always be some doubting or negative thoughts in your subconscious mind which will hold you back. Our subliminal messages will counter this to give you a belief in yourself, a belief that you can become healthy and stay healthy.

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Whatever you can imagine and create within your mind you can make your reality! This album will plant powerful suggestions of health in your mind to bring vitality, health and wellness into your life.

Script Used in Attract Health Subliminal Subliminal Recording

  • I am attracting health into my life
  • Health is being attracted to me
  • I am grateful for my health
  • I see myself as healthy now
  • My body is healing itself
  • My mind and body are healthy and vibrant
  • I enjoy my health to the full
  • Every day I get healthier
  • My life is full of health and vitality
  • My mind and body are all working together to improve my health
  • My health improves every day
  • I am passionate about my health
  • I deserve to be healthy
  • I am naturally healthy
  • I have a strong immune system
  • I stay strong against disease and illness
  • I recover at a fast rate
  • I am quickly recovering my health
  • I stay healthy at all times
  • Good health is coming to me now