Become The Alpha Female

Become an alpha female – become the woman that men want to date and that women want to be, with help from this unique subliminal messaging audio experience!

Become The Alpha Female CD Album Cover
  • Do you ever wish that you could become more of a natural leader?
  • Do you want to gain the skills to help you secure any man you desire?
  • Do you want other women to envy you – rather than it being the other way round?
  • Do you want to become the natural alpha female?

Being the alpha female of a group does not come naturally to most people. It can be extremely difficult to become an alpha female figure, but subliminal messaging can help you to achieve this by targeting your inner and subconscious self-beliefs.

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations that are pitched to a higher frequency than the human ear can hear. They are designed to target the subconscious mind, so you are unaware of the effect that they are having on you consciously.

You are able to see the effects of these in your outlook on life and through your personality as they slowly sink into your mind and become a natural part of your belief systems...

Imagine how different you could become if you became an alpha female.

You would be the natural leader of each and every friendship group and team that you were part of, you would be the envy of almost every other woman due to your new found confidence and leadership qualities, you would be able to attract many more men with your heightened self-belief, you would feel that you are able to achieve much more and become much more likely to be successful and you would be happier with your new approach to life.

Overall, you will acquire the characteristics and personality traits which separate the alpha females from the rest. Once you start thinking differently like this then you will start acting differently, you will really start living like an alpha female... you will become the alpha female!

And then when you do, you will have more choice with men, you will have more personal magnetism to attract men, you will also have much more success in your career and in life generally as you are seen as confident, assertive, responsible and ambitious.

Our Alpha Female subliminal audio works by:

  • Retraining your subconscious mind to see yourself as a natural leader and in control. You will have confidence in your leadership skills and your ability to socially lead your group and take control. The alpha female is the natural leader and all other qualities stem down from this. At a glance, an outsider will be able to look at you and your group of friends and see that you are the leader.
  • Increasing your ability to be assertive. One of the key characteristics of an alpha female is the ability to lead and be self-confident and naturally assertive. The alpha female goes out for what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer, she is confident and assertive without being pushy and she does get what she wants - with these qualities, you will too!
  • Subliminally reprogramming your mind to become more confident in yourself so you are able to become more successful with men and generally achieve more in your life. Increasing your confidence can improve almost every aspect of your life and an alpha female is never shy.
  • Training your brain to take the role of an alpha female seriously and become a stronger individual. An alpha female has a reputation for mental strength and being able to overcome anything that gets in her way.
  • Allowing you to gain success and start to live your life the way an alpha female would. This mainly occurs by increasing general confidence and self-belief. By believing that being an alpha female comes naturally to you and becoming more positive about this, you are able to start living your life the way you want to live it.

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Change your life forever today with the power of subliminal messaging and become the woman that you have always wanted to be.

Script Used in Become The Alpha Female Subliminal Recording

  • I am a natural alpha female
  • I gain more alpha female qualities every day
  • I am a natural leader
  • I can be assertive when I need to be
  • I am assertive naturally
  • I am assertive without being pushy
  • I always go all out for what I want
  • I always get what I want
  • My self-confidence is the highest it has ever been
  • I am naturally confident and self-assured
  • I am successful with men
  • I can achieve anything I want to in life
  • I am a successful woman
  • My confidence allows me to become an alpha female
  • I am serious about being an alpha female
  • I can overcome anything
  • My mental strength is stronger than ever
  • I believe in myself and my alpha female qualities