How to Achieve the Goals That Resonate With You

Where does any goal come from?

Let’s just say that it all started with a dream. We are all walking dreams. We create and shape them by our bright minds and give birth to new ones. Then, we choose the direction and specific steps and move toward them. They become the laser-focused dreams - our goals. They are like the progressive and changeable processes and motions. They are like us.

However, some of our goals are not meant to be achieved. That’s OK. These signal moments in life, like the most valuable reminders to us to closely look at both of our reached and unreached goals and understand them better, the whole underlying process that DISconnects, CONNECTS or REconnects us with our values and authentic selves. In this way, we can draw the vital conclusions that help us achieve the goals that truly resonate with us.

Understand Your Goals by Understanding Yourself First

If you feel stuck in getting repetitive and unsatisfactory results over and over again, then changing the tons of strategies, plans and models won’t help you at all. Relying solely on the knowledge that comes from the outside world will draw more unpleasant feelings and confusion to you. Then, the solution is to dive deep into the oceans of your subconscious mind and its limiting belief systems and patterns.

Since early childhood we have all been subconsciously programmed with many bad programmes and ideas. In other words, our lives are governed by our ways of thinking, paradigms. As we take a deep look into our habitual responses we become more aware of our automatically triggered feelings and emotions. Behind those emotional triggers lies the limiting thought or idea. Ta-da!

The solution to this problem is to plant a new thought or idea in the subconscious mind. In a wide range of scientific and non-scientific contexts, this process is also known as a paradigm shift. The brilliant explanations of the mentioned concept, powerful techniques for overcoming the old paradigms, knowing the body-mind connection, awareness, the results and goals are shown by Bob Proctor , the world’s famous prosperity and personal development teacher and mind coach.

When we work on ourselves and want to instill a new influencing idea in our mind, we should do it through repetitions by practicing the affirmations, meditations, hypnosis or other methods on a daily basis.

Setting the Clear Goals: Moving Toward the Best Crystal Clear Version of Yourself

Write the goal down in a specific and clear way by answering the questions Who?, What?, Where? When?, Which? and Why? Think of all its details, measurable points, picture it so vividly in your mind, find the best word choices and rearrange them. Write them again and again. Let your goal be your personal mantra followed by the powerful and uplifting emotions.

Here’s an example:

By the end of 2023, I am increasingly earning 200,000 pounds a year in my inspiring personal growth coaching project in London.

‘Why’ question is the crucial one because it leads you to your real reasons for having good goals and achieving them. It is your fuel, your motivator.Your goal has to be aligned with your highest values. Otherwise, there won’t be a good outcome.

Visualise Your Goals. Make Your Unique Imprint in the Omnipotent Awareness

Besides making a plan and finding the right strategies and tactics, it’s important to review your goals every day. You can create your own goal card with your desired date and time for its completion, real action steps by checking out them regularly and crossing out the ones you’ve already done, adding the new goals and steps and so on. At the bottom of the card can be your personalised statement, the motivational sentence that reveals your answer on the question: Why do I want to accomplish this goal?

Another great example for the daily visualisation practice of your goals is making a vision board. Here the sky’s the limit of your imagination and creativity. Find the exact same images of the things you want to manifest in your life and stick them to the board. Put on it your written goals, pictures and other creative stuff that mean a lot to you on a deeper psychological, mental, emotional or spiritual level. If you also want to manifest the materialistic things, then let your creative mind run free.

When you are looking at your unique vision board include as many details as you can in your daily practice. Engage all five senses as well. Think about the following questions:

How would you feel when you accomplish all your milestones? How would you talk, walk or dress on your path to success? What kinds of steps would you take on this journey? What kinds of smells, sounds, tastes would you include in your creative story? Focus on the process not the results. Let the creative imagination indulge you completely.

When you commit yourself to the regular practices mentioned above, you will gain the powerful insights into the most important goals in your life. In this way, you will prioritise your time more effectively and find the path to achieving your goals that resonate with you.