Do you feel like an extra in your own life? This is how you take over and become a superstar

Lisa tossed her bag, shoved her jacket in the closet and toppled on the couch. “Another victorious day!” she thought sarcastically. Boom! The sarcasm slapped her gloom. It's been there for months. And this tiny revelation snapped her out of it.

See, most people would really find her day amazing!

She lives in a pretty apartment. She has a good job and a steady income. She’s in a relationship. So why does she feel like a side character in her own life?

Why can’t her childish dreams of having an extraordinary, amazing life and doing unimaginable things... just leave her alone!

But the deep cravings of her soul are stubborn members of the cast. And she’s sick of not assigning them a role in her play.

And if you are too, here’s what you need to know, to add a plot twist to your life story.

You are the director

Cinderella and Sleeping beauty are wonderful stories, but even the kids know, if these girls messed up today, no Prince Charming would rush in to save them.

You’re on your own.

No one can make the script of your life instead of you. Nobody will make your shots for you. Nobody will fight for what you want and what you believe, instead of you. Sure, friends will help and you can find a support group for anything.

But you are accountable for your life. And despite the circumstances and the setbacks, your life will become what YOU make of it.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you'll act like a true director.

Think big

The point where it all starts. Your vision. Your ability to project yourself to the desired future.

You know, people are traveling the world on a bike, living in crazy little homes, have 6 kids. And climbing the world’s tallest mountaintop is stale news.

And before you tell me, lifestyle changes are only possible when people are in their twenties, check out what this 63-old lady does.

Still, you don’t need eccentric goals to think big.

Just be honest with yourself. Don’t suppress your true you. What kind of life do you want?

Dare to picture your life as if all of your dreams come true. Just make sure you (as you are) are the best actor for the the lead role.

Fight your demons, face your fears

People comfort their kids telling them there are no monsters, demons and creeps.

But that’s not true.

The spooks are within you. They mislead you and cloud your judgment. They whisper that you’re not working hard enough to get the promotion you want. They hint that your friends are better than you. They yell at you: “You’re not good enough! You’ll fail, so why bother trying!” They sprinkle you with fear every single day. And they super glue you to your circumstances.

Don’t tell me you hoped to star in your life without standing up to villains?

Not. A. Chance.

Even the supporting actors face the demons. But if you have the lead role, you're most likely to win.

Set & achieve your goals

Baby steps are allowed. You’re not a loser if you can’t work 16 hours a day. Or if you can’t bring yourself to leave everything and embark on a journey without a dime.

Yet, ignoring your ambitions will get you nowhere. So be brave enough to boil your dreams down to your goals and work to achieve them.

Just do the best you can. One day at the time.

Build your willpower

You’d have to invest a lot of effort to find a lead (anything) with limp willpower. A healthy dose of inner-strength is necessary just to carry on. And, if you want changes in your life, you better build your willpower.

It’s much like strengthening your muscles. The more reps you do, with breaks in the meanwhile, the mightier it’ll become.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Look at her. We’re the same age and we went to the same school. But she is a model-figure digital nomad, now living in Casablanca with her model-figure Mr. Saving-the-world boyfriend. And what have I accomplished?

Look at her. We’re the same age and we went to the same school. But she’s not starving herself to please her egomaniac of a boyfriend and wandering the world in search for who knows what.

A nasty villain, this one. The green-eyed monster. His role is to distract you, so you don't dive into yourself and figure out what to focus on.

It’s tempting to peak into people’s lives and assess if they’re doing “better” than you.

But nothing good comes out of it.

So this slime is an excellent candidate to train your willpower on. Bring it on!

Listen to your heart

No good movie goes without a guru’s or wise best friend’s advice to the main character to follow their heart.

To do so, you must go beyond and around your dreams, goals and your willpower.

And sometimes simply “go with the flow of the Universe.”

So if you’re on your way to becoming a doctor and an adventure knocks at your door, grab it!

Sometimes circumstances are horrible and nothing you can play at that moment will fix them. Recognize the situation and make your goal only to pull through.

If your heart tells that you’re tired, slow down. If you can’t push anymore, take a break.

But never give up.

Because you know a true superstar never would.

The end.