The Millionaire Mindset: How to be part of the 1%

In a world filled with opportunities, a millionaire mindset can be the perfect tool to take you out of the 9-to-5 routine and put you in “the 1%”. But putting aside the money for a second, what makes a millionaire so unique?

Millionaires are ordinary people (like you and me)

Do millionaires have some “magic powers” we don’t know of? Of course not! In fact, most of them have built their “empires” from scratch. But what’s truly mind blowing is their tastes in leisure activities. Bill Gates plays bridge, Marissa Mayer likes to bake, George Bush is an amateur painter, and Warren Buffet plays the ukulele.

Some argue it’s because of irrational fears and limiting beliefs about money, that we end up with boring jobs, making just enough not to feel completely broke at the end of the month. Others think a millionaire mindset is for millionaires ONLY.

Fortunately, there is a way to access the millionaire mindset and we’re going to show you how:

1 Dream big (really big)

One thing self-made millionaires do differently is dreaming. In other words, not only do they spend time contemplating ideas, but they also envision concepts that seem beyond anyone’s reach. For them, the sky is not the limit, but a mere milestone that needs to be achieved.

They don’t settle for a “cozy” salary and a generous pension fund; they go all in. They believe in their dream and they become passionate about it. It is because of their passion that they refuse to sell themselves cheap.

If you feel passionate about something, allow yourself to dream big. Limits are not dead ends, but solvable problems. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise.

A millionaire mindset starts with a dream. What’s yours?

2 Work your butt off

Another crucial “component” of the millionaire mindset is work. Too much dreaming and not enough work can result in useless fantasies. People sometimes make the mistake of believing that all it takes to be a millionaire is a brilliant idea.

Steve Jobs didn’t just envision the Macintosh; he went on to build it. Elon Musk didn’t just think of a safer online payments system; he put together a team and started working on PayPal.

Work is what makes our dreams “palpable.” The more work you’re willing to put in, the higher the chances of turning your dream into reality.

3 Take calculated risks

If you’re looking to make it big (in business or life), then be prepared to take some risks. Think of it this way: hard work and effort help us put our dreams into action, while taking risks encourages us to test our results and also find ways to turn our dream into something even bigger than expected.

In essence, a calculated risk is any decision that, despite being put through rigorous analysis, still poses a significant amount of “threat.” People who possess a millionaire mindset manage to minimize the probability of failure by drawing a detailed plan.

They run simulations (mentally) and evaluate every scenario before settling on one particular path. If you want to think, act and decide like a millionaire, make sure you “crack the numbers” every time you make a big decision.

4 Be modest

The last piece to complete the millionaire mindset puzzle is one most of us often fail to see. It is also the easiest part of the process.

Yes, you guessed it! It’s modesty; an attitude that manifests as gratitude for what we have achieved and mindful of what will come.

“True” millionaires don’t “get drunk on their glory.” Instead, they choose to behave and interact with others as if they are average Joes like you and me.

Take a moment to think about and be grateful for all the beautiful things that you’ve experienced today. A friendly smile from a stranger; the end of a challenging project; anything that has happened to you today deserves a moment of gratitude.

Once you finally understand how modesty can help you find happiness in the small things, you will never feel the need to “parade” your success in front of everyone.

So, who’s ready to shift to a millionaire mindset!?