Make the Most Out of Your Custom Subliminal Album

Custom subliminal albums are one of our most popular services, with thousands of people who’ve been using it (many of them multiple times) and giving us great feedback on them.

Still, we get lots of emails from those of you who are unsure about how exactly it works, what it is that you’re supposed to do and how to do it best, so we’ve decided to put together this “manual“ with everything you need to understand and make the best use of your future custom subliminals.

How it works?

The process is pretty simple: you name your album, write the script, choose the music and you’re done - if you order your album by Friday, it will be ready next Monday, we will send you the link and you can download it and start changing your thought patterns right away.

Just like with any other album, you won’t hear anything – your script is recorded below the conscious level of hearing (that’s why it’s called subliminal), you will just hear the music and the statements you want to imprint will go directly to your subconscious mind.

But the stumbling block for most people are the sentences themselves, the affirmations you should use, so here are a few golden rules when it comes to creating them:

1. Pick only ONE goal

In some cases it can make sense to put it all in one album – your weight loss goals, money mindset shift, a change in character that you want to induce... but keep in mind that you can use a maximum of 20 sentences, and if your current beliefs and thought patterns are quite distant from what you want to achieve, you’ll probably need all of them to describe it (see the next section). Putting them all together can only work if you only need a slight shift, and only if your goals are in some way related (for example, your general confidence and confidence with the opposite sex).

When you create a set of affirmations focused on only ONE goal, it will be much more effective and the change will occur faster. If you want to work on more than one goal and the scripts on the albums we already offer don’t sound right to you, then we advise that you do a different custom album for each (yes, it is a bit more expensive, but you’re investing in yourself and you don’t have to do them all at once).

2. Make it real!

Let’s say you’re struggling with confidence. You don’t want your affirmations to reflect your current state of mind – you want your subconscious to change the pattern and to be confident, to feel confident. Imagine that you are!

There was at least one moment in your life when you felt totally confident and on fire, so try to first visualize and re-live that moment and then notice how you feel and write it down. For example, the affirmation “I am confident“ won’t have the same power for you as “I feel like the world is mine“ or “I just love so much this feeling that everyone admires me“ or "I am so vibrant now, confident that I can do anything".

Make it personal, make it vivid and make it important for you. Then, as your subconscious gets exposed to these statements, it will be easier for it to reconnect to that feeling and to make the new patterns stronger and more convincing.

3. The tense DOESN’T matter, but some other things do

The practice that yields the best results, from our experience, is to use a mixture of present and future tense – to keep you motivated, and to keep it real at the same time.

One thing that does matter however is to use “I“ and not “You“ – you’re working on your own self-talk here, so there’s not much sense to do it in the second person.

Also, don’t use negative statements (like “I am not insecure“) – they bring your subconscious’ focus back to the behavior you want to eliminate, and that obviously isn’t the best way to go. Use only the positive ones, describe what you DO want to see in your life and character, how you want to feel, what you want to become. With subliminals, much like with life, you don’t want to look back and dwell on your past mistakes ;)

When you have your script prepared, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete your custom album. Want to try now?