Tai Chi Training Aid

Advance in your Tai Chi training and become more in touch with your energy with the help of our mind penetrating subliminal mp3 album.

Tai Chi Training Aid CD Album Cover
  • Do you want to get the most out of your Tai Chi Training?
  • Do you struggle to concentrate, focus and relax while practicing?
  • Do you put in a lot of practice, but can not seem to see the results?
  • Do you find it difficult to empty your mind during training and often have various different thoughts running through your mind?
  • Have you not managed to find/feel your chi yet?

Tai Chi is an art in which your skill and ability depend upon the power of your mind and ability to concentrate.

Whether you practice Tai Chi for its health benefits or you practice as a martial art, you can use this album to calm and develop your mind, increase your ability to concentrate and let yourself relax to get the most from your practice and get in touch with your Chi.

This album will:

  • Dramatically improve your Tai Chi using our in-bedded subliminal NLP script including positive affirmations and life-changing powerful hypnotic suggestions.
  • Subliminally align your unconscious mind with the goal of improving your Tai Chi and remove any mental barriers to success.
  • Develop the ability to feel your Chi through a calmer, more relaxed state of mind and increased concentration
  • Subliminally clear your mind, remove the constant inner voice going through your mind, allow yourself to relax and help yourself to enter a deeper form of Tai Chi meditation.
  • Increase your sensitivity and 'listening' abilities due to a still mind and relaxed body - In turn this will help you to feel your inner Chi / Energy.

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If you are serious about your Tai Chi training and want to progress at an accelerated rate, then gain a helping hand with our powerful subliminal mp3 album and shave YEARS off your learning curve.

Script Used in Tai Chi Training Aid Subliminal Recording

  • My tai chi improves every day
  • I enjoy practicing my tai chi
  • I concentrate and focus hard while training
  • I focus deeply when practicing my tai chi
  • I am in touch with my energy
  • I can feel my chi
  • I am aware of my chi within my body
  • I am gaining a greater awareness of chi
  • I can feel my chi as it moves around my body
  • My mind is calm and relaxed
  • My thoughts are still
  • I enter a mindstate of meditation while practicing my tai chi
  • I enter a moving meditation when practicing
  • I am sensitive to my body movements
  • I am sensitive to small internal bodily movements
  • I am a perfectionist towards my minute body movements